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  1. @king of nowhere It's not possible if i use infinite fuel with cheat
  2. @Randazzo not working @king of nowhere i have infinite fuel and how get a jetpack for kerbal ?
  3. Hello, wen i go eva with a kerbal the controll are not working
  4. @Venusian Explorer thanks you so much it's working
  5. @Randazzo I will send you a photo during the day I am currently not available
  6. @Randazzo Bruh it's not working even with the stick rocket
  7. Hello since today when I launch a rocket this one starts turning automatically once arrived at the height of the clouds I tried with different tanks and engines and it's the same problem any solution ?
  8. I download eve and scatterer with ckan on 1.9.1 and does not work. I tried on 1.8.1 and it the same. Any solution ? plz
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