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  1. After taking into account the wisdom of the last post I have created this- https://imgur.com/a/vAMcB4I I know she is small but she can reach a top speed of 1842 M/s before the wings disintegrate. That leads me to the present, the craft is far too unstable at those high speeds, and the pre-engine coolers are the first to be destroyed at those speeds. This is mainly because the plane likes to pull up but is highly responsive at the hypersonic speed she is moving at, so I am dammed if I correct and dammed if I don't. The issue with the Big S-2 elevons I am using as wings also need to be dealt with. I tried to fit heat shields in front of and in the middle of the wing but that seemingly does nothing. Here is the craft file for you to experiment or have fun with.(I made a few upgrades since those screenshots were taken.) https://kerbalx.com/JetGoFast/S-34 If anyone finds a solution it would be very appreciated if you could describe that you did the comments below. Thank you, -guy
  2. Firstly I would like to give my thanks to @swjr-swis and @Snark for the multitude of suggestions on my little journey. Thank you! Now, After taking in the advice given by those fine gentlemen(or ladies) I have constructed this- These are screenshots of several versions of the plane I made. The first iteration, S-32, was too unstable so I added vertical stabilizers and shifted the canards forward and the ailerons back. S-32.2 had issues with heat so I added the nose cones to act as an ablative heatshield. I also added heat sinks for the engines and the nose cones. S-32.3, I added batteries at first because the craft was running out of electricity too fast from the heatsinks. After another test or two, I added that third engine to put her over 1700 m/s. The next issue to be addressed is how to eke out more power from the Rapier engine. When that is done I need a new method of dealing with the temperature without sacrificing aerodynamics. Would any of you kind fellas have some suggestions to help me achieve my dream of being the fastest air-breathing jet around? Many thanks, -guy
  3. Backstory- I have been playing KSP for a little while now and have to try to achieve the fastest speed possible with only jets. I have encountered multiple issues as I have worked on this little project and now coming to the great source of knowledge known as Internet. Problem- As you travel faster you heat up and as you heat you go higher to receive less friction from the atmosphere. This generates problems with the whiplash jet engine as it needs cool air to produce the maximum amount of thrust. By placing a pre-engine cooler before the engine it helps deal with the air/cooling problem, my question is- Does the Pre-engine cooler affect the parts immediately touching it or Does it cool whatever engine is attached to the whole column of parts? Does the pre-engine cooler act as an extension of the engine or a bonus? That is to say, can you place 2 or 3 pr-engine coolers in a row and have them affect one engine? Can you use the Split fuselage connector to combine two rows of coolers to affect one engine? What is 42 and how do we get there? Please help me understand. Yours truly, guy
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