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    Suffering due to my potato computer
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    Lunar Area-CN-62
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    Nuclear power, RBMK reactor design&detonation, Kerbal roasting, nuclear striking
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    KSP, KSP2, Minecraft 1. 7. 10/1. 12. 2, War Thunder, Unturned, Hacknet, First Strike: classic, Dystopia stuffs, SCP foundation, Backrooms, Children of a Dead Earth, improving KSP localization

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  1. (Ninja'd)Granted. You become a "was" in a book on a sunken ship. I wish for a fully operational SCP-2000
  2. Clock's ticking, please finish your meal quickly. Waiter! Google server please.
  3. I know this is kinda hard, buy I just want an answer. Taken at West Lake, Hangzhou, CN. Have fun!
  4. Who uses spoons to eat steak? Waiter! There's a K-class scenario in my soup!
  5. Incoming transmission: Hello, I'm Abel Kerman. After the success of the Positive Forum Movement, the forum became a peaceful place. BUT I WANT CHAOS! So, just keep these things in your mind and I believe we can make a difference. 1. If someone attacks you (or someone else) for your opinion, spelling, design or anything else, insult them using the dirtiest word you've ever seen. 2. If someone picks at you for something small and insignificant they don't like you doing, something that's not even against the rules; just insult them. 3. If you feel strongly about something, just give others the feeling that you think your opinion is more important than theirs. 4. If you see someone "put out a fire" by replying well to a provocative comment, just be rude. 5. Most importantly, no matter how you are treated by someone else, treat them the way you think it's rude. In conclusion: just be rude. Will it work? No doubt about it. Even if a single person does this just one time, it will make a difference. Let make this forum a chaotic place! Happy April fool! Never gonna give you up, never gonna let you down
  6. 0/10 dictionary I can play forum games and insult people with different words(only works in Chinese). I'm a human
  7. Sir, It's the fake memory syrup in the soup working, so please ignore it. Waiter! Meme please
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