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  1. Jeb forced Private Division to release KSP2 jeb found himself in a bucket full of Plutonium-239
  2. They do that to shock the guitar player Why do we use plane instead of ICBM
  3. That's a Kraken doll. Jeb found himself dead.
  4. Custer Kerman was a fighter and have a SMG that shoots 1300 rounds per minute(about the firing rate of Glock 18). One day, he fights Strut Kerman, who has the hardest bullet in the whole Kerbin(using strut tech), when Custer tried to shoot Strut, he failed and Strut's bullet made a hole on Custer's head. The next day, the Kerbal Meat Canteen received a Kerbal head Kebab. Luo Ji Kerman: The Dark Forest Theory
  5. Character changes: Sans - Jeb Papyrus - Bill Toriel - TBD Asgore - TBD, maybe Gene Alphys - Bob Gaster - Wernher Chara - TBD, maybe @Nertea Undyne - TBD maybe Val MK - TBD Flowey/Asriel - TBD, maybe Zozaf
  6. Wanhu Kerman forgot to turn on SAS Alpha -369 Kerman - Got mixed with a spaceship.
  7. Jeb's mind is freezing, so that's impossible. Jeb found himself written in the Death Note
  8. Oh that's me! Teaching a kid about Rocket Science and High Altitude Supersonic Flight
  9. Jebediah Kerman is very lucky. One day, his ship touches an anti-atom and cause a small explosion. Unfortunely, Jeb got suck into the space and died in 1 sec. Wanhu Kerman - Try to fly a bunch of fireworks with himself on it.
  10. Back in my day we use coal and gasoline to generate EC, not using antimatter generator
  11. Jeb soon found that he doesn't have any thing that could burn up these RP-1. Jeb found himself in a full antimatter tank.
  12. Granted. You can't have a indesructible house. Now get in and lock it up. I wish I can have moar mods
  13. Leyden Kerman was a big fan of the famous Franklin Kerman. One day, he wants to do a experiment that Franklin has done. He collects some lighting in a jar, and then open it. A few hours after, the infamous Kerbal Meat canteen had a new roasted Kerbal. Abel Kerman - Too busy building a giant space station that includes multiple gravity ring and a Kerbal Meat Canteen.
  14. Pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanokoniosis.
  15. Can you stir the LFO tank? Jim Lovell Kerman, Just before the explosion(Apollo 13)
  16. Engineer because he build things that kills. Favourite YouTuber?
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