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    Explosives expert.
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    Wenzhou, Zhejiang, CN
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    Explosives. Had to stop playing KSP because I'm gonna play TF2

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  1. Floor 2869: A piece of 2D dimension and a piece of 4D dimension.
  2. Granted. The question is like "What is O5? " I wish I am SCP-173 and is invincible.
  3. 0/10 bot. I can do the hardest Captcha, am I a human?
  4. You are a prophet! @iamn00b mmph mmmph mph-mph mmmph mph-mph mmmph mph-mph mmmph mmmph mph-mph mmmph mmmph mmmph mmmph mmmph mmmph
  5. Simple, you choose what you want me to make and I will lock the poll and decide what I will do. Every single craft I've made will be uploaded to KerbalX. Enjoy.
  6. You accidentally press the "End of the universe"button. Thermal nuclear test in space.
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