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  1. I usually use mods, but I've removed them all when this problem arose. Therefore I've put this into the unmodded section. No matter what part combo or fuel type, I cannot get any info in the editor or in-flight. it simply says 0 meters/s and when I click on it to get the more detailed info like TWR, it simply does not display any data within the box. Please help with this as it is making the game almost unplayable for me.

  2. So, I've been playing around with the RP-1 modpack for the past few weeks. Last night and this morning I go into my latest career (the last one went way too slowly on the timeline), and the entirety of the sky and horizon was pure white while in flight. On the main menu the atmosphere is replaced by pure white. I don't have a photo, and i run all recommended mods for the express install on CKAN. Is there any help anyone can think of? It kinda hurts my eyes and overall its something I would love to fix. Thanks in advance for any help! P.S. I run KSP 1.10.1 for the pack.

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