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  1. Some parts won't load if restock is installed. Need a .restockwhitelist file: Squad/Parts/CompoundParts/strutConnector/ Squad/Parts/FuelTank/FoilTanks/ Squad/Parts/FuelTank/RCSTankRadial/ Squad/Parts/Science/Magnetometer/ Squad/Parts/Utility/dockingPortJr/ Squad/Parts/Utility/spotLightMk1/
  2. Need the following MM patch to be used with the Near Future Electrical decaying RTG: @PART[rtg,rtg-0625]:NEEDS[JDiminishingRTG]:FINAL { !MODULE[ModuleRadioisotopeGenerator] {} }
  3. Is this all fixed now? Not happening still? I ran the game again today, the glitch is not related to the scatterer mod, but the texture quality settings. Set the texture quality to "half" and restart to reproduce the glitch.
  4. I had a weird glitch. The color of the grass is white or black from a certain angle. Deleting the `ScattererAtmosphereCache` directory fixed the glitch. The white grass glitch sometimes looks like snow, which is nice.
  5. Trying to make an SSTO with panthers and nukes. This turns out to be the worst SSTO I've made. It takes half an hour to reach orbit.
  6. Use the smallest electric rotor (EM-16 or EM-16S) for power, to lift some payload off the ground. There are 2 challenges: 1. Maximize payload weight. The score is calculated as payload weight per rotor. 2. Minimize electricity consumption. The score is calculated as payload weight per electric charge per second. Not a submission. I have an idea of powering large propellers with small propellers, something like this:
  7. I often use this maneuver to do rendezvous. Intersect with the target obit first, and adjust the period at the intersection later to get an intercept. And I often arrange the intersection at the AN/DN to save some plane change dV.
  8. Jet-powered rover. Starts from 6 deg, out of fuel at 20 deg. Flipping is not a problem, and it can survive falls from cliffs (the terminal speed is less than the impact tolerence).
  9. The smallest aircraft I tested is a 2m long drone. Flying at 700 m/s at sea level scores 350 body lengths per second. Also a 1.3m rover. Unsafe at any speed due to the lack of brake.
  10. I'm playing with a propeller aircraft with vertical and horizontal propellers. I need to monitor and change the blade pitch and engine RPM during the flight. Right now I'm using right-click menus to view those data but it's cumbersome and the menus are scattered around the whole screen. I wonder if there a mod that can display the status of important parts in one place without using right-click menus. Such mod is also useful for monitoring robotic parts. EDIT: I'm not asking how to control those parts, I'm asking a convenient way to view the status of parts.
  11. Today I learned a new unit of measure: body lengths per second. This unit is often used to measure the speed of animals. According to wikipedia, the cheetah, the fastest land mammal, scores at 16 body lengths per second. The challenge is to create the fastest rover, aircraft, boat, or submarine, or other creative vehicle type measured by body lengths per second. Rockets are excluded from this challenge since a short and wide rocket is too boring/ugly. A slightly harder challenge is to measure speed by body sizes per second where the body size is `max(length, width, height)`.
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