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  1. On 9/2/2022 at 6:10 AM, razark said:

    How would it change anything to know more about the game now?  If the devs suddenly opened up the books and told you every detail about every system that currently exists in the game, what changes?

    It doesn't change the release date, it doesn't prevent future delays, it doesn't change what actually gets released on whatever that date is, it doesn't give you any more input into the game's development than you have now.

    So what does knowing more than the devs have already said gain you?  What do you get out of knowing details about a work in progress that is very likely to change before you ever get a chance to interact with?

    Strictly talking about the post content, that is one of the most absurd arguments I have ever encountered online. I would go so far as to call it "an ode to bad marketing, public relations and communication practices". We have truly reached the point in which fans are so chained to the will of developers that they start demanding to be completely ignorant about a project.

    What more could we say? I'm sure that for some any info about this game is just unwanted, undervalued baggage that is completely irrelevant. That's why most games have a marketing budget that's bigger than the development costs, right? It's just wasted money?

    As for me, personally, I am happy when I see any little scrap of info about this game and I am beyond upset that they are keeping the core design decisions and mechanics secret. In my eyes it's just an awful and cheap strategy to try and dump everything just before launch to "maximize" sales. No community building, no interactive fan feedback regarding the big features, just "here, eat this ultraprocessed scrap that has no nutrients and vitamins and shut up".

    "Look at this video which shows barely any progress compared to 2 years ago. Look at this image of a kerbal. We didn't promise you anything, so we don't owe you anything."

    And the crowd goes wild. Fine. I'll be the lonely voice on this forum that says it: the marketing for this game sucks!

    PS: Devs are great and I fully support their efforts.

  2. You can see that the boosters exhaust have an extra effect for smoke - does this mean that we will be seeing persistent smoke and condensation trails in the atmosphere? If so, will they be affected by wind (same for clouds)?

  3. Linx (and the whole modding community) did an amazing job with the new release and have set the bar very high for KSP2. Are you impressed, do you think KSP2 will go in this direction and be even more dense and amazing?


  4. 2 hours ago, Master39 said:
    3 hours ago, Vl3d said:

    No news, no new content, no idea about what this game is going to be.

    That's what happened when you have unrealistic expectations.

    What part is the unrealistic expectations? That KSP would be present at Gamescom? That we would have ANY clue about this game after 4 years of "it's totally classified and anyone who talks about this game will be fired"?

  5. Without stepping on anyone's toes I will just say that I hope KSP2 will have set and setting, a good story, vast and interesting lore and a lot of mysteries to uncover.

    From a creative content point of view KSP1 is an empty and lonely game which only hints at greatness but never fulfills its destiny. The anomalies suck, the boring lifeless emptiness sucks and the monoliths are the worst.

    Anyone who likes to read knows the value of the worlds on the pages. You don't buy an empty book, look at the blank pages and pretend you're inventing Shakespeare.

    We are free to invent any small LEGO inspired stories we want, but they can only expand the Kerbal universe, not build it.


  6. 6 minutes ago, t_v said:
    9 minutes ago, Vl3d said:

    There's no reason to have kerbals in simulation mode.

    There is if you want it to essentially replace sandbox. People should not go though a playthrough of Kerbal Space Program without the Kerbals. 

    Most games have a story campaign and a separate no-playthrough simulation / construction / sandbox mode. It's a solved problem.

    PS: fine keep kerbals in simulation mode. At least for the parachute biplanes.

  7. 14 minutes ago, Anth12 said:

    Why would I cheat or exploit the game when playing with other people? that is not what I was talking about.

    It was a joke! :) I was acting like an old lady because your playtime makes me cranky.

    10 minutes ago, t_v said:

    Removing kerbals does the same thing and also saps the spirit of the game, which I would not wish on anyone, even if I didn’t like the fact that they were using sandbox. 

    There's no reason to have kerbals in simulation mode.

  8. 17 hours ago, Pthigrivi said:

    I guess I would only say you need Sandbox functionality, which is subtly different from a locked-in "mode".

    I have a solution to all your problems: Simulation Mode instead of Sandbox Mode. It could be accessible at any time (even while in another save or game mode), all parts would be free and unlocked, all discovered locations accessible at any time in a single player virtual universe.

    It would be barren and lack all the campaign mode special discoverables of course. Just for raw and creative construction of ships, vehicles and colonies. No resources needed. No kerbals.

  9. 38 minutes ago, Pthigrivi said:

    Nate saying they don't think time-warping for a year and then finding a ship or colony full of dead kerbals would be fun.

    For colonies yes non-lethal works because of efficiency penalties. But I'm not sure what penalty kerbals on a vehicle should suffer if they get irradiated or run out of air or nourishment? I think they should die - like it normally happens when the ship crashes or when they're in space with no helmet. You clearly get the message that the kerbal died. So I'm not sure where this new PG "everyone should live" train of thought comes from.

  10. I just hate that it's August 2022 and we're still talking about "what-ifs". Yeah we going to find out what features this game has 2 months before release, until then we're just arguing like the poor crooks the Joker threw the broken pool cue down to. We still don't know anything more about the game than we knew in 2020. It's just not the right way to treat a loyal community.

  11. I've been playing out a potential abstract version of the game in my mind, taking into account some possible tech progression and exploration inventive elements that have been hinted.

    Let's assume there's no boring abstract system of farmable science points. Every tech "unlocks" automatically for you depending on three things:

    - if you did the science experiments for the tech

    - if you found / harvested the resources necessary

    - if your level of knowledge and discoveries is sufficiently advanced (every part could have hidden milestone triggers that unlock it)

    Let's also assume that we obtain useful information about the universe only through practical science (ground and space telescope, sending probes, doing experiments etc.). This information then allows us to design more complex successful missions.

    Let's also assume that the progression also favors unmanned before manned missions, as it should. And that kerbals need life support because manned missions are damn hard.

    And that there are good incentives to build space stations (science, mining asteroid resources, and orbital construction etc.) and colonies (science, discovery of planetary points of interest, transportation infrastructure, resource mining etc.).

    Let's assume that we need to build and upgrade the communications network.

    Let's assume we have to explore and exploit the Kerbolar system first, then investigate other stars, exoplanets, build the necessary knowledge and material infrastructure that allows us to design interstellar ships and send them hurling into space.

    Then we get there and start over.

    Let's also assume we take into account the long and slow process of prototyping, testing and iterative design.

    And the accidents.

    And the story / lore / mysteries / Easter eggs.

    Well, my worry is this: it's a damn huge amount of work even without any grinding! It makes me afraid for my adult and family life! :blush:

    Who is going to be able to do everything in this game, in a gratifying slow and methodical way, with all the difficulty settings and optional systems turned on?

    This game is going to take us years to go through. How is there going to be time to explore multiplayer features if we start with single player only?

    I really think multiplayer has to be baked in or directly linked with the single player adventure. I see no other way to put everything in this game and still allow players to try it all.

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