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  1. I am so sick of playing KSP 1 - I can't help but play it, it's great even if it's flawed. The HYPE is REAL, give us more info on KSP2 please!!!
  2. Stock also has the land / sea level altimeter, vertical speed indicator, G-Force indicator, Delta-V / ISP / TWR / mass etc. readouts for each stage, resources indicator (but missing in VAB for monopropellant I think). What I feel is missing is a surface horizontal speed indicator, monopropellant Delta-V, cost per stage while building craft. Also when planning maneuver nodes i would like to see the total Delta-V requirements for all nodes. Maybe also a suicide burn / point of no return indicator. And integrated Delta-V map in the Help/ FAQ section (using mod for that). Am I missing anything? I started playing 2 years ago and never felt the need for KER. While I'm on the subject, can anyone please tell me what exactly does the "percent of burn used to calculate time..." thing do? It's the +/- next to the burn time indicator when planning maneuvers. Thanks!
  3. @Admiral Fluffy Yes I have centralized in the list most of the ideas in the posts from that thread. @Insomn All the ideas are on the list but worded differently - except for the Admin building stuff, I think that's a general improvement to the KSC that should be left to the devs. I care more about missing features and improvements, not specific implementation.
  4. Please allow me to extra-complain about KSP 1 rover wheels and grip, the lack of rover ramps (I just can't build a functional one) and the wheel collision algorithm (either clips in terrain or gets blocked by 1 mm of part sticking out), which coupled with springs in suspension makes any vehicle jump and crash. Such a horrible bug.
  5. And the players de-sync real-time interactions by time warping again? But what if there are N players? How do they all sync to the same common time?
  6. I think there could be a journey planner where we simulate maneuvers before starting the journey - then you don't need to stress about arbitrary time warp. You just have to sync journey plans for each player so they meet if they want to. And this way everything would be real-time and players would not control large-scale time warp. Player A want leave from Kerbin at TA1 to arrive at Eeloo orbit - makes the journey plan with all necessary maneuvers, checks craft fail conditions before jumping from one SOI to another. Then you have predefined TA1 (departure) and TA2 (arrival), player A is not allowed to arbitrarily use time warp. Then let's say player B leaves Jool orbit at TB1 makes plans to arrive at Eeloo orbit at TB2. Every players does his own thing. If player A and B want to interact with each other, then they just sync time TA2 = TB2 (the one that arrives first just waits in orbit for the other player by agreeing to the interaction). So basically my idea is just have a journey planner, make all maneuvers and fail checks virtual before doing the journey, then press start trip and arrive at your destination according to plan. This journey planner can be something like virtual map mode - but because the journey would be virtual and SOI to SOI, you would also be able to revert if you made a mistake. Even in multiplayer. The game state is synced between players only when they approve this. Is this how the mods do it in KSP 1?
  7. I've gone through all posts in all 9 pages of Suggestions, all YouTube videos I could find, tried to integrate everything in this list. There are a lot of ideas for multiplayer also, but nothing is officially confirmed yet so the devs will do what they think is right. As for other near-future and interstellar aspects, I welcome the devs creativity. I think we should mainly ask for improvements and things we really feel were missing in KSP 1 and everything extra is a reason for joy. Thank you for the comment!
  8. So why exactly is everyone stressing about time warp? Just give up on having time in the game in multiplayer mode - this way journeys would be "as if" during time warp. Just imagine - you launch your rocket, get to orbit, open map mode and you see everyone just making journeys around the solar system at high speed. No literal "time warp" needed, and you can interact with vessels only if they have comparable speed to your own.
  9. 1. What if I don't want to play just small co-op, but in a MMO style? What if I want a busy world with other players, many ships, where everyone has their own colony on all planets? 2. What if there is just a "docking accident" that causes a crash? How does the server differentiate this from intentional action? 3. Don't you know that "all user input should be handled as radioactive material"? Being "too dumb for KSC" is just your opinion. Good multiplayer game design sets limits for what is possible, and having fun means finding the ballance of freedom and constraints, of incentives and sanctions. And please stop repeating that it's "not a problem, not an issue for years" like you are the only one with experience in multiplayer. I don't want to beg for server reverts, I want defence systems, approach, entry and docking permissions, collision avoidance systems etc.
  10. Literally the first thing that came up on Google searching "Minecraft war".
  11. For everyone who does not take ship interactions and collisions into account in multiplayer, all I can say is that someone is 100% going to crash a rocket in your meticulously built space station, for the lulz. Actually, they will pulse nuke your colony too. Deal with it, what are you going to do about it?
  12. I've added a bunch of new ideas at the end of each list. All feedback and additions are welcome.
  13. Some specific questions please: 1. Regarding "global" craft resource usage (RCS monopropellant and Vernor fuel): will we have the possibility to create stage/sub-craft resource groups, so for example RCS only uses fuel from the currently controlled lower stage and not from upper stages? This can be done now through manual priority setting on individual tanks, but we need better separation. 2. Somewhat related to previous point, will we have an improved fuel transfer interface (between tank groups, not only individual tanks)? 3. Can you clarify if we will have continuous resource usage during time warp / for on-rails craft? Does this extend to being able to accelerate during time warp / on-rails mode? 4. Will Kerbals require life-support resources? 5. Will we have resource transfer conveyors / tubes / hoses / wires? 6. How will resource collection and transportation be automated? Will we have automated rover / train / helicopter / plane / rocket transports? Will we have a logistics map-view mode? 7. Will resource scarcity and competition be integrated in multiplayer? 8. Will resource collection also be necessary on Kerbin?
  14. Well yes, Kerbal is a pacifist game, but that was single player. In the future, if I have a nice colony with a beautiful vista and someone wants to detonate their nuclear pulse engine above it or crash some asteroid in my buildings.. I mean, I have to be able to protect myself right? At least some built-in static defences..
  15. You do realize multiplayer is going to become a war-game right?
  16. 100% I would prefer seeing ships and space traffic. And of course they should have the same flight plan that you had when you first did the mission - if you want something faster or better you do the flight again improving the ship and course (and now you would probably have 2 ships doing transports). But I think it's important to automate transports not just for rockets, but any type of vehicle we design. I would not worry about lag except if you crash into that automated transport. Other than that it could be on rails with only the external image rendered. Other games solve the issue by making objects non-interactive (you fly through them). Same kind of issue should be solved for multiplayer.
  17. I'm so hyped I wrote a big wish list/compilation to simulate constructive conversation:
  18. Not only automated rocket flights but also automated rover / airplane / helicopter transports.
  19. You want to launch drone swarms from motherships don't you?
  20. I think some sort of simple life support has been already confirmed: --- KSP 2 is what they decide to make it. Few things in gaming will ever compare to the emotional impact Mass Effect had on me - and that was all about stories, choices and relationships. Nate said KSP 2 is about building a civilization - you can't have culture without stories. Do you think Kerbals are going interstellar just because they are bored? And what is Mystery Goo anyway? --- I don't think a few (temporary, but hopefully permanent in multiplayer) craters would be so hard to implement in 2022. I would love to see other players craters, wrecks and flags when I explore with my rover. Imagine the legend of the East Farside Crater's graveyard on the Mun. Besides, we keep hearing about why HLS needs side thrusters placed high on the ship because the main engines would make a big hole in the Moon and destroy the bells. It's part of aerospace reality. --- Well they did make one of the greatest trailers in the history of PC games... I get teary eyed every time I watch it. --- Could be implemented with textures - soot on returned boosters, atmospheric reentry scorching, micro-meteorite impacts on ship hull, scratches and dents. It would be very Kerbal to return home with a banged-up ship and a beard. --- At least melting landing legs, engine bells and slow non-explosive disintegrating reentry. --- I feel like not launching in bad weather and avoiding landing during storms should be a core game mechanic. It's core physics. Besides, they said in a feature video it could rain diamonds on some planet - can't we at least have regular rain and snow? --- Just simulate it with a gravity well without a celestial body, with regular conic patches, based on position of other bodies. --- Why.. to accelerate very light probes with solar sails to relativistic speeds towards nearby solar systems, of course. --- Yep, why not? I would prefer sending a droid to a dangerous place first to set up mining operations and a basic colony base, watching ships on fire off the shoulder of Orion and C-Beams glitter in the dark near Tannhäuser Gates. --- Also I would love to see frosting on rocket tanks and ice falling off - I have never seen a rocket launch without it.
  21. I have been writing some of these separately in other threads, so I feel like I should post my list in one place, so please allow me to wish for: Story, game play, adventure: Better adventure, more stories, history, lore and a lot more interesting places to visit (KPS 1 world feels very empty, anomalies are too repetitive, do kerbals actually care about finding life in the universe or just about gravity wells?) - I would love to just not want to leave a planet because there is something new to discover over the next hill Some kind of separate RPG story modes (pilot, scientist, plane / rocket engineer, mission control center specialist) Better career progression - I want to think about resource / funding scarcity, I want to push the limits of currently unlocked technology and my budget - right now I just feel like if I build a basic craft I can unlock a large part of the tech tree and then I just don't use the old parts anymore - old technology should be used for cheap mass-production, newer technology should be used for expensive missions that push the boundaries Mission Control Center with instruments to fly probes, view onboard cameras and do remote experiments IVA first person mode that integrates all HUD and map mode elements in the flight deck instruments EVA first person mode (I want to see the hatch open to the amazing view of a new planet through the eyes of a kerbal) Probes before manned -> manned airplanes before manned rockets Science system that we actually care about and that gives useful info for future missions, with better writing for experiment results (in real life it's not about points, it's about curiosity, learning interesting stuff and technological pragmatism) Gradual discovery of planets and moons (starting with telescopes, black and white photos, etc.) For probes: a black and white / fuzzy / sepia overlay in 3rd person view, for gradual discovery of exploration details Recorded Kerbal biography, ship logs Dedicated testing grounds and facilities at the KSC, some of these can be abstracted but I really like testing subassemblies during design, before launch (off-road testing areas to simulate terrain on other planets, tethers or weights to simulate gravity on other planets, pool to test craft boyancy, dark room to test levels of sunlight exposure for solar panels and battery recharge, aerodynamic tunnel for aircraft, vacuum chamber to test flight in another atmosphere, some kind of pivot for RCS strength and ballance testing in aerodynamic scenarios - for example to prevent rocket flipping when launching, G-force centrifuge) - these would also help a lot when playing without reverting The Museum / Showroom building: a hangar / garage where we can display and visit our best craft creations Heroes resting place where we can memorialize the fallen kerbals (maybe have mini tomb stones with custom plaques). Knowledge Repository (all gameplay information and scientific findings) Kerbals: More kerbal appearance and personality diversity (I want to be emotionally attached to the crew and individual kerbals, I want to see them grow a bear(d) after a long mission, I want them to have families and pets so I actually care about what happens on the crewed mission) - a competitive space race and "evil" kerbals could also be fun Basic life support requirements (kerbals could be like some kind of plant based tardigrades that go into hibernation when stranded or hurt or missing resources - this could also allow interstellar travel) Kerbal droids, real mech Jebs (initial colony builders) Kerbal idle animations, activity animations for NPC kerbals like in VAB System to order teams of kerbals to do something (crew orders, colony teams orders) Medals, badges, statues for our kerbal heroes. Interface and game mechanics improvements: Better load / save file organization and separate auto-saves (I always overwrite and regret it) Recordings / replays (especially before a close call or a crash - great for posting on YouTube) Better control for maneuver nodes - my finger hurts from scrolling on direction icon, I always have to fiddle with the sensitivity slider and if I click+drag a direction I overshoot Better time warp (like the mod) Advanced tweakables should be toggle-able for each part window - have a button that hides the options not used regularly Ability to choose which probe core controls the craft and sets the orientation from the VAB All the VAB / SPH improvements that were announced (multiple crafts inside the same workspace, unified camera controls etc.) Recoverable / reusable rocket stages (being able to fly both at the same time - pause one, fly another, return... not the save / load / switch pretending thing) Integrated journey / delta-V planner Automated orbital station keeping (for satellite constellation stability) Electricity usage / generation calculator Maps / planetary overlays (like ScanSat, Kerbnet) Landing trajectory predictions (like the mod, very useful - prevents repetitive loading of saves) Better tracking station vessel organization (like the mod - have a list per planet / moon) Automated rocket flights (confirmed) and also automated rover / train / airplane / helicopter transports Landing legs auto-leveling on sloped / uneven terrain to keep the craft horizontal without manually adjusting springs Ability to control fuel transfer per stage / sub-craft (so i don't have to individually open all fuel tanks - we should be able to have fuel tank groups or better yet merge tanks together into a single part) Native support for multiple external monitors Craft editor mode (like an improved engineer EVA construction mode from KSP1) for fast repair and modification of large space stations / ships (using only available parts from cargo storage) Construction check-list and note-taking tool Craft versioning system (like git, to track evolution of specific craft models according to part and science progression) Better tool to organize craft families and types (right now I use folders but also sometimes subassemblies and I have to always load / save / rename in multiple places with each save) - I would like a built-in way to organize boosters by capability (tons to LKO) etc. Ability to launch and coordinate multiple small vessels simultaneously (maybe by drawing routes they take in map view before hand) - useful for space tugs to get the big ships out of port, also for exploration probes... Generally because swarms are cool. A list of nearby vessels and control parts (in case I can't click a probe core directly) Machmeter Surface horizontal speed indicator Monopropellant Delta-V Cost per stage while building craft Total Delta-V requirements for all planned maneuver nodes Suicide burn / point of no return indicator Kerbal Construction Time or paying extra for prototype tooling - to encourage building and evolving rocket (booster) families. I feel there should be more incentive to use previously build items. Skipping off the atmosphere (taking reentry angle into account) When building, being able to close a part loop by attaching the last piece at both ends. Right now we have to either build from the middle, attach struts which disappear when staging or use docking ports (which are too big). VTOL engine thrust control / stabilization A way to program fuel usage so that we can control center of mass position (or at least have a stable center of mass) Automation and planning integrated systems, ability to program and control craft using "software modules" and upgradable hardware capabilities of Command & Control Core: this thread for more info Better robotic parts and improved sequence programming (KAL-2000) to allow for reliable and solid transforming craft Sea transport logistics (tanker ships automation) Part comparison tool during assembly (ex. for side-by-side engine stats) Versioning, iterative design and integration topic Part wear and failure on excessive wear (not random) Visual scripting language (with code generation from journey planner and integration with other game systems) Be able to plant flags underwater (Kariana Trench) Visuals (other than general improvements already announced): Footprints, wheel tracks on the ground, visible road marks or rails for routes used frequently to link resource mining to colonies Destructible terrain (holes in the ground when landing caused by engine too close, explosion craters) I would love seeing colonies build by other players, everyone having their own little spot on planets, seeing other players's ships flying around, option to see interplanetary traffic - this would give me motivation to be more ambitious in my missions Skippable cut-scenes: some missions should have historical meaning and others should be routine - the first crewed missions could have animations of crew walking to the craft, saying goodbye to people waving, the kerbal council / president Multiple camera angles (like TV displays) at launch Ship venting, loading propellant, countdown, launching sparks and other effects / animations on the launch pad (I've seen some in pre-alpha footage) Parts should gradually start to look used / slightly damaged Melting parts (eg. landing legs, engine bells, atmospheric reentry) Frosting on rocket tanks and ice falling off - I have never seen a rocket launch without it Rain, snow, storm debris, dust / haze Air heating refraction, droplet effects on the screen Hitting the occasional bird Transparent fuel tanks (as a toggle) - like this video Deployable flares to light up environment when landing at night Sparks and particle effects for friction Non-explosive damage to craft that do not hold fuel (electric vehicles) Liquid effects on craft and surroundings (not only water) Environment visuals topic Parts: Procedural parts that are easy to use and look as good as non-procedural Hull cameras Probe cores should retain limited control even without comms signal (core should know how to keep retrograde orientation during plasma blackout because it was programmed to do so) - solved by having backup scripts written in VPL for emergency loss of control Better way to integrate parts (like probe cores) on vessels so i don't lose the part inside - and I also feel like I'm cheating or gambling every time a clip-through parts (besides craft mass should also be a function of total volume if parts are clipped together) Vernor engine and RCS using fuel from all tanks without respecting crossfeed settings causes confusion (fix being able to easily edit priority and internal flow for RCS and fuel usage) EVA tethers Space elevators / catapult launchers Balloons (to float on planets with dense atmosphere like Eve) - this could also allow floating "blimp" colonies for bodies with very thick atmospheres like Eve or Jool Airbags (for landing on planets with thin atmosphere like Duna) Water craft (ships, submarines, hybrid airplanes etc.), underwater colonies, water launched rockets (so we can build bigger) Sea / ocean based colonies on platforms (stilts or floating) like on Kamino (Star Wars) Resource transfer tubes (like in Kerbal Attachment System mod), colony pipes, electrical lines, conveyors Rocket / jet backpacks, not just the regular RCS backpack Solar sails Treads Microscope experiments Spectroscopy science (exoplanet atmospheric analysis) Gravity waves science with 3 satellite array (Laser Interferometer Space Antenna) Launch tower booster catching arms (unsure about the need for it when we have landing legs, but it does exist in real life for Starship.. sometimes reality is stranger than sci-fi) Roads (dirt, paved, ramps , tunnels, suspended, rails) Tiny docking ports to secure very small craft (like mini-rovers, karts, helicopters, planes) - the junior ones are too big Wires and pulleys for cranes (so we can build static cranes / mobile crawlers for on / above ground, underwater / floating, sky cranes.. all types of cool stuff) Rover wheels and grip and lack of lander ramps (I just can't build a functional one), the wheel collision algorithm in KSP1 is horrible (either clips in terrain or gets blocked by 1 mm of part sticking out), which coupled with springs in suspension makes any vehicle jump and crash Smart parts (that could even be used as conditional programmable basis for reusability and autonomy) Linear aero-spike engines (also toroidal) Thrust vectoring nozzles (jet / fan) Mech walker parts Ski parts (for snow, ice and water - to build sleds, jet skis) Solar gravitational lensing telescope Environment: Weather / wind / storms (to avoid of course) Dangerous debris fields, dangerous radiation areas Lagrange points Black hole system with time dilation effects Underwater building and exploration Caves and underground exploration Communication delay caused by large distances and fixed speed of light Merger of CommNet, Kerbalism and RemoteTech features for communications gameplay Solar flare alarms Planetary seasons (freezing seas, melting glaciers) Rivers Canyons Flora and fauna (alien?) New (undiscovered) Kerbol outer planet with moons Oort cloud Moons with very high orbital inclination compared to solar system Spin axis wobble for celestial bodies Comets from outside solar system (like Oumuamua) Crazy celestial body ideas Waterfalls Underwater resources for deep sea mining Shockwaves (created by explosions for example) Allow modders to add planet packs directly to the KSP2 universe through a curating + voting system. Players could explore them with telescopes and download them in-game when planning a journey. Meteor showers, meteors breaking up in the atmosphere Wind, flooding and snow weight that would impact buildings also Sound: Chatterer (both mission control and crew) Ship (stress) sounds, beeps, notifications, (proximity) alarms (voiced or not) More epic atmospheric music (it gets repetitive after a while) Count down at launch (at least some kind of 5-4-3-2-1, engine turbines spooling up sounds) Sonic boom at mach limit Kerbals talking in the pod amongst themselves, saying jokes, making funny sounds, screaming, crazy frog video Propeller / fan noise Environment sounds like wind and thunder Sounds for walking / driving on sand, dirt, ice, snow Multiplayer: It's really hard to come up with suggestions related to multiplayer because I feel it's 100% up to KSP team to decide what is best for the game and for the players. Being a new feature they can take any direction and anything we say is just speculations. But a few ideas or situations come to mind: players participante in a space race between agencies or collab in the same space agency competitive mode: have space-race first-to-plant-the-flag server seasons in collab mode each player controls a single Kerbal when on mission pilot IVA view with players, or have separate IVA areas for types of kerbals build a space station on EVA with other players communicate with players before docking / landing (request permission) build collaboratively in VAB / SPH, split stage / subassemblies design collaborate on journey planner, check the craft players can put a stake on an area (first come first serve) for colony building - for resources or beautiful views reimplement the idea from KSP v.0.20: have custom flags that would remain planted or on ships left behind, the plaque text could only be read when approached on EVA by other players. be able to find ship remains (landed spent stages), flags, plaques, wrecks of previous explorers. implement ship logs / black boxes for more background story that other players can read (log all major milestones of the craft, see accidents and repairs, causes for failures, victims) when (if) they die, kerbals should leave tiny skeletons or tombstones behind with messages written by players allow players to write messages to ship logs, customize IVA cockpit with stickers be able to scavenge or steal ship components, colony parts, resources, capture other craft (pirates!) racing / flying with players through canyons on planets listening for radio chatter / signals from ships / SOS asking other players for help rescuing crashed and stranded kerbals tourism: being able to buy rides / cargo space on ships and explore or start over somewhere) tourism: build colonies with beautiful vistas that other players can visit trade resources trade resources for crafts do extreme sports with friends be able to respawn at another colony (friend or tourist colony) participate in common projects and observational events (huge comet capture for resources necessitating multiple players) create contacts for other players (recover a vessel or a stranded kerbal, put a comms satellite in orbit) witness events and projects done by other players (from a distance, from own kerbal or probe POV): look up from the ground and see huge space stations orbiting (or even destroyed space stations) see in the distance explosions of players that crash when landing or spent stages - example looking from Kerbin at the Mun at night and seeing small flashes and wondering what that was see gigantic ships leaving orbit on interstellar missions (Daedalus, Orion etc.), wishing i went with them see planes flying in formation above witness huge comet or asteroid impact events (on a lander attached to them or with other players orbiting with space telescopes nearby) visit colonies of other players built at great view locations be able to witness interesting launches of craft built by other players see TV transmissions in-game of world-first events accomplished by other advanced players (through their hull cameras or telescopes or if they set up a lander first to record the event) chill on land and take a selfie right before a friend crashes his huge ship behind me coming in blazing from orbit (probably would have to respawn) Other: Everything else KSP 1 + DLCs already have Everything else that was announced for KSP 2 (better visuals, multiplayer, near future technology, interstellar travel etc.) ...lasers! (eg. to accelerate very light probes with solar sails to relativistic speeds towards nearby solar systems) Mission builder, stream workshop Dynamic mod loading (preferably in game) Better RAM / CPU usage, performance enhancements My greatest wish:
  22. I hope there's a lot more than just texture revamps for the Kerbol system. We need lore, Kerbal culture and technology - the world has to feels alive, amazing things to keep us exploring on the planets and moons we love.
  23. Like sending a written letter instead of an email? Later edit: I thought about it and we should differentiate between science data (just information that can be transmitted through coms network) and science samples. I don't see the point of mixing the two. If you want to do research in a lab you need the samples (raw science) - so you have to physically move it from one place to another. This (transporting samples) can also be done if you want to send it to another vessel for better transmission. But what is the point of uploading / downloading the science data (mits) between vessels? You can just send it home through relays and get the science points.
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