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  1. Obviously it does not work because I have not seen any in-depth recent info about Colonies / Resources / Logistics & Automation / Multiplayer / Weather / Lore / Modding. So by the logic of economics, if there is zero profit, why would I state "a bunch of stuff that obviously isn’t going to be in the game that they are going to trick the developers into providing information that they wouldn’t have otherwise"? 1. You have no idea what is and what is not going to be in the game, like all of us. 2. It's actually a good thing to ask the devs about the roadmap, the game features, gameplay etc. It's the job of most gaming journalists. 3. I see a lot of comments that talk down and say nay: nay to better graphics, nay to multiplayer, nay to weather, nay to autopilots and automation, nay to more gameplay features that can be toggled by difficulty, nay to lore, nay to cities on Kerbin, nay to celestial bodies full of things to discover etc. KSP1 is so burned in the mind that "nay" is the default answer to any change. 4. And I also see a lot of comments that say "oh that should not be in the base game, there can be a mod for that". The devs are the people who actually put in the work and get paid for it. Don't expect the modders to implement features (that should be stock) for free after release.
  2. As long as there is no official communication about what will be in the game, we are free to expect anything.
  3. Read about the implementation above. It only needs the visuals.
  4. The comparison is silly. There are no planets with atmosphere without weather. It's simple, it's not "toxic". For me not having weather is like not having a day/night cycle.
  5. Lightspeed delayed communication that limits probe control can be implemented in stock in a very fun way if KSP2 will have a basic visual programming language like Vizzy in SR2 that works well with the Journey Planner. This way we could experience one of the coolest feelings in Space Engineering: the "oh I hope I did a good job and it works, because it's out of my realtime control now". The feeling of actually uploading software updates to remotely controlled probes and rovers.
  6. One of the biggest mysteries of KSP2. I can't find the source, but I remember someone from the dev team saying that ~were going to see a lot of people coming and going because of the delivery routes system~. So I'm optimistic every vessel will actually be simulated and visible. This also logically implies a stock autopilot and "keyframe" navigation. Even with complex multistage craft it 's really nothing that advanced for 2023 levels of gaming AI, except if advanced orbital slingshot maneuvers are used. Even so, in space everything loops. We could have a really efficient delivery every 35 years. :))
  7. I just said that if they do not ship with effects like rain and snow, it will be an incomplete game.
  8. I don't think they are going to start implementing anything new now because they're hiring console developers for the XBOX / PS ports. But there is a possibility that weather visual effects have been worked on but not revealed. Or maybe it will be a DLC someday - but that means KSP2 will not be competitive regarding graphics on the current space games market.
  9. 1. KSP weather simulation is already implemented in a mod: 2. I have not talked about simulating weather recently, only about local environment visuals like storms / rain / lightning etc.: 3. No one but the KSP team really knows the feature set and the road map, unfortunately. 4. Everybody wants wind. And I will tell you this.. Gurdamma is supposed to have a thick atmosphere, right? Well, have you seen it? Kerbin had an actual hurricane in earlier renders. Surely Gurdamma would also have visible weather effects, as seen from orbit.
  10. Kerbal Aero/Space Program: - a game about realistically simulating and exploring celestial bodies (manned and unmanned) and discovery of the Kerbalverse - a game of learning about science and engineering through design / testing / integration / doing experiments - a team based / competitive multiplayer game with a persistent universe in which you build your own stuff and other people can see / learn from / admire it / collaborate on bigger projects / compete in the space race / have fun - a game about Kerbalkind lore and role-playing kerbals - a game about near future tech - building space craft (not only rockets) - building atmospheric craft - building land transport craft - building water and underwater craft - building space stations - building land / on water / under water / floating bases (colonies) - logistics game: exploiting and transporting resources to build everything - economics game: trading in multiplayer to finance / build / fuel your interstellar missions and projects - management game: lightweight survival (life support, PVE), aerospace program / mission design - lightweight programming game for automation and robotics It's basically a build-explore persistent-universe multiplayer simulation game with RPG elements in my mind.
  11. Just ignore my posts if you think I don't bring interesting ideas to the table.
  12. Someone should write a suggestions post about the habitation modules and also mention that we want most parts to actually be useful.
  13. PS: I'm still waiting for someone to create the first 70 km tower / space elevator using pre-programmed KAL1000 lifters.
  14. Very polite and balanced post. I have found no extra info about modding. The most complex answer was given by Mr. Paul Furio during the Purdue podcast. In summary, the team wants to look at the best modding experiences available and wants to use APIs to make everything accessible for modders. I trust the dev team and testers to deliver a wonderful stock experience. I think stock KSP1 with DLCs is very underrated and has a lot of unexplored potential. KAL1000 would have needed a recording function. See example below: Same for multi-kerbal EVA construction - great stock feature, I feel like it's underrated and not really used. But I also like mods a lot, because they have a direction to the game, they inspired KSP2. The problem is that I see a lot of comments saying "dev team should not implement this feature in stock, someone will make a mod for it". There are a lot of cases where I just don't agree with this. In KSP1 there are certain difficulty settings that totally change how the game is played. For example, not being able to revert to launch makes you test subassemblies a lot more. Losing probe control when there is no signal and reentry blackout makes you design better missions. Heat, pressure, G-Force sensitivity.. they are all great difficulty settings in stock. As for mods.. Kerbalism SIMPLEX: 10/10. Game changing, a lot of it I believe should be implemented as stock difficulty settings! So for KSP2 - I'm really glad we're getting stock life support, radiation, material resources. We should also get axial tilt and wobble, part wear and failure on excessive wear (not random), wind, communication limit by speed of light, and a lot of other stuff.. things that exist in real life, for players that want to play on Hard difficulty without mods. Of course, simplified as for the stock game, not extremely realistic.
  15. My posts are not argumentative. I was replying to the comparison between a house and a car. That makes no sense - you can compare the actual keys. I was saying that we can always judge by common features. Not games as a whole. But beyond that, sometimes I like to show you guys and girls nice videos so we can all dream about what KSP2 can and will be. I believe KSP2 will be everything KSP1 wanted to be. The best game ever made! With cool graphics too. And weather. And ... Yes, I am maximal in my imagination. I like to post ideas about what is possible, about the best features in the best games with the best mechanics. I'm comparing it to the best of the best - per individual feature. I want it so but I don't know what the game will actually be like. I hope to be pleasantly surprised. It's like hoping for another good Mass Effect game.
  16. Are you sure all near future OAB constructed deep space craft will be made out of metal?
  17. I understood that single player is DRM-free 1 player multiplayer, like a one man team. And the logic would be that other players could join your game universe, either on your team to fill the 3 empty spots (2 runways, 4 launchpad per space center) or on another team. So you would still have a team color even in single player / private server. The real question is - how will the stock DRM public server multiplayer be like?
  18. Unless a part is explicitly clad in a nonstandard material, we are designing all part materials with part-to-part consistency in mind. Because our team color application allows not only hue but opacity control, it is possible for players to modulate some aspects of the part's material read as well, if for some reason they want a non-uniform result. You need to read the whole post. You get some interesting info: 1. Parts can have cladding out of "nonstandard material". Probably for engineering purposes (heat / radiation management). 2. There are "team colors" which clearly indicate multiplayer. This I think it's the most interesting point, because it defines "the team" as a primary abstraction into which "the player" is integrated. Meaning that multiplayer is a primary feature of all gameplay. 3. The allied colors (hue) can be controlled but also can be mixed by opacity (like having another color underneath and scraping / mixing areas of paint). You possibly see the bare metal (or material) of the part.
  19. Here you go (Nate Simpson interview, it's longer than the quote): https://screenrant.com/nate-simpson-interview-kerbal-space-program-2/
  20. Agree with you about Kerbin and Mun tilt. Other planets and moons could use some tilt + wobble. But what I really wanted to say it's that a lot of people in the community are abusing the idea of mods. I frequently read "don't do this or that because there's going to be a mod for that". 1. Only mod makers should have the right to say that. 2. I want to play a great STOCK game and have default systems as difficulty options, like KSP1 has. 3. Mods should not be a crutch to fix the game like in KSP1. If I could play with 0 mods and have a great mainstream, balanced experience I would be the happiest.
  21. We're talking about a spinoff mini-game inside KSP2. It's not a new idea, we would be able to build the infrastructure and logic for mini-games and fun activities in multiplayer (ad-hoc or better). I called them "extreme sports tourist colonies". It would sustain player economy and you would be able to trade resources for a nice race car to crash on the local track. It's a way to finance your interstellar journey. Someone would surely build a huge amusement park on the Mun (harder to get downforce from procedural wings though).
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