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  1. That would suck but even then it has no effect on people who already bought the game.
  2. It's probably later in the road map just because multiplayer comes with its own set of bugs and they want to isolate it from the rest of the game while they fix the single player bugs
  3. I was a bit disappointed too at first but I realized that early access just means that the devs can hear more about what we actually want instead of wasting time on features we might not care too much about. Let's say they release colony parts and it turns out people would actually like to IVA inside colonies or with more people using procedural wings and the like, other parts could be made procedural if that's what's wanted from the community. Just means the game will have more stuff that people wouldn't have known they wanted if it wasn't for early access.
  4. Matt Lowne actually made a video today about some questions he had asked Nate Simpson, anything that says pre-alpha capture is from about 2 years ago.
  5. I obviously can't know for sure but I can only assume local servers. If it were on global servers it would have to be monetized via skins, outfits, maybe parts and other microtransactions for server upkeep. I don't think anyone here wants to deal with that and the development team knows that. I imagine something like minecraft multiplayer with LAN connections and probably some servers hosted by players for anyone to join.
  6. Well considering when that screenshot was posted, it's more like this week now. I'm guessing Friday since it was posted on a Friday.
  7. Any unreleased game you've seen a trailer for by definition is vaporware until release
  8. That's actually because its based on a tribute video for the original KSP made in 2013, really great that the team is so in touch with the community
  9. Mine would probably have to be this not in the moving planetary bodies way but in seeing an absolutely massive engine firing.
  10. This is exactly why I think they’d actually have a much smaller window between announcement and release the delays have already killed a lot of hype for a lot of people it seems. They probably wouldn’t announce a date to release until the game is ready to go and a delay is out of the question.
  11. No not at all I wouldn’t mind the star DLC, KSP wouldn’t have DLC that works in the way you’re describing, the star simply wouldn’t exist if you don’t have the DLC kinda like how planet packs work in mods right now. If you don’t have it installed you won’t see it at all
  12. At this point you've dropped so many parts of your original proposal that its becoming regular time warp the only time I'm seeing that you can't use timewarp in this system with all of the amendments you've made is essentially while landing which is a 4 minute inconvenience when parachuting on Kerbin for the sake of immersion. I'm not trying to bash you so I apologize if that's how this post comes off but I hope you can see why so many players took issue with your original proposal.
  13. I expect to be able to play the game with the same basic functionality as the original KSP singleplayer but with friends. The expectation of an MMO to come out of this game is by far more baffling than my pretty simple expectations.
  14. This would pretty much destroy any fun that could be had in multiplayer, you would be shoehorning everyone into playing the way that you personally play the game. Some people don't want to over engineer a lander, sure that's fun for a lot of people on this forum even myself at times but its definitely not for everyone. Playing without reverting is terrible with the original KSP and I assume for the most part some of those issues are going to carry over into KSP 2 for example accidentally staging while in orbit which under your proposed system would be after almost 10 min of work wasted. Having your rocket tip on the launchpad and being out those resources/funds used to build it, kerbals dying on the launchpad because your rocket tipped and you then have to wait for their respawn timer. Doing away with quick saves would make everyone overly cautious which IMO would harm the fun that is supposed to be had in KSP.
  15. A multiplayer game would probably be able to do away with holding onto data from before whoever is earliest on the timeline such as taking the time from the earliest quick save and deleting all position data from before that time. The only sacrifice a player would have to make on multiplayer is probably that quicksaves will only be valid in the play session they were created in so once you disconnect from a server all of your quick saves are deleted and the server can discard position data from before the earliest still existing quick save. Anything built by a disconnected player could be placed in a frozen state upon disconnect not consuming resources while the owner is offline but still moving in its stable orbit. When the owner reconnects their builds would start consuming resources again and their time is synced to the future most player's present. Might lead to some weird super far future dates on servers but nothing that would affect gameplay and would definitely save storage on servers. I don't know how this system would handle ships on trajectories between SOI's but I'm thinking you could calculate where it would be in the server's future most player until either the owner of the ship reconnects and syncs to that time and/or the ship is in its final orbit. This is me just spit balling solutions to optimizing storage of positions of craft so I'm sure there are flaws with my idea but it shouldn't be infeasible to implement it that way.
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