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  1. IRL the backup thrusters (the 8 engines, 4 pairs on the bottom mounted in line with the Aj10), IIRC are not used at all except for small maneuvers, not for normal RCS which would drain your reserves a lot (and I mean a lot) which is the issue you might be running into because for me I have plenty of monoprop (however ive done a extremely large number of shuttle dockings so im fairly experienced, especially when it comes to something that isnt a whale to dock its quite easy for me).
  2. Benjee is working on buran and Arthurism and I are working on a Pathfinder mod. Some other people are working on the phoenix MSAM and in the future I might make sojurner.
  3. That would be so good for FAR, while the mod isnt made for it with some .cfg changing you can get it to fly smoothly, except for the split rudder
  4. Yes it is fairly easy (i have my own that ive spent way too much time making) However it is almost impossible to get the tank on the bottom without it looking bad. Also how did you get the TPS texture for the vert. stabilizers
  5. Pathfinder from For All Mankind and Ranger from Interstellar are also in the books
  6. yo, the ranger (and the other one for that matter) have horrible balance, especially the ranger when you add the aerospikes, is there a fix for this?
  7. @benjee10 Where did you source your thermal blanket texture from, or did you make it yourself. I am working on the Breadbox project and we need a thermal blanket texture. I was just wondering if you could tell me where you got your thermal blanket texture from.
  8. I just modeled a Rockwell C-1057 "Breadbox" hoping to turn it into a mod but I am completely hopeless when it comes to texturing and the actual codey bits so it wont become a mod. But if anyone knows how to so that stuff HMU.
  9. I do not regret googling "Breadbox shuttle", that is the most goddamn beautiful shuttle design, only beat by the actual shuttle.
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