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  1. This is the most horrific planet pack I've ever heard of!
  2. When I send the SSTO into the invisible ocean thinking it was a desert, it ended up splashing into an invisible ocean.
  3. It's also an issue with Rhan. I uninstalled EVE and kept scatterer in my GU KSP install and the oceans appeared. So, I think the culprit is EVE.
  4. Gilly bad, Dres ok. Dres is more likely to exist than Gilly.
  5. I was thinking about creating a planet pack for KSP Kopernicus from the KSP 2 planet pack discussion. It got me curious about how to draw biome maps because I see every planet packs to have biome maps per each planet.
  6. It would be cool to fly through interstellar space with procedurally generated planets and stars. The gameplay would be similar to Space Engine, but we would be building rockets and then fly them into different solar systems.
  7. Hi, what's your favorite planet pack?

  8. Or I could remake some discontinued planet packs. Though, it could be possible that KSP 2 devs would add the planet pack APIs.
  9. Ok. I guess I might make a planet pack for KSP 1.12.x for now.
  10. Ok. Ik that we use Kopernicus in KSP 1. But, I was thinking about making a planet pack for KSP 2.
  11. I've sent satellites to orbit from Mesbin.
  12. How will we be able to write planet packs for KSP 2?
  13. It might be that the article is old.
  14. Kottabos Games does an awesome review with the planet packs.
  15. Meanwhile, imagine what happens to this mod when Glumo will take over Sarnus.
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