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  1. 11 hours ago, modus said:

    That all works fine for me. Assuming you installed everything correctly your log will have to be checked (by someone smarter than me:D).

    Thanks for checking! I'm wondering if EVE+Bolderco could be causing the problem? I also could not find any good installation instructions for Kopernicus so i just dropped it into GameData like for most other mods. So that could be the issue as well?

  2. Hi. first attempt at submitting a bug report so pls bear with us!

    Every time we try to use Kopernicus with a planet pack, we receive the below error message. Saved files will not load.

    The KSP.log it says to send is ~41mb so we uploaded it to wetransfer along with the .configcache file and the Logs/Kopernicus folder


    If anyone can help or advise, we'd greatly appreciate it. Ty


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