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    The name TokiGlassBlower is my PSN name, I'm a console player since 1977, yep I'm old, I've been a Professional Skydiver since 1995 with over 6000+ jumps, I have about 1500+ Scuba Dives and worked for a few 3-4 years as a P.A.D.I dive instructor around the Mid/South Pacific, I also have 133 B.A.S.E. Jumps and am a private pilot, I've owned a production company since 1997 (Neon Skys Productions) have a CDL and no children cause well they would take time away from me having fun so no kids but I am married, I have been actively working as a Lampworker with my own home studio since 2007 and I'm very accomplished as a Glass Piper (your gonna have to look this one up if your curious, you should look it up • wink wink nod nod). I have about 4000 hrs playing Elite Dangerous and a couple thousand playing NMS (Since Beta Beta testing) my PS trophy level is 320 and usually I play games like Kerbal or Subnautica, Tropico, Port Royal, Surviving Mars, Adrift etc more the sims these days and I'm not into the shooters even though I have 7 NFA stamps go figure right? lol. thats all you get for now. Oh and I'm also Nuclear Submarine Qualified (SS) since 1981 (USN 1980-1987)....... I'm a little narcissistic also.....

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  1. you realize this is the console forum? playstation and xbox dont have "caps locks" on the hand controller, I made comments already about PC people answering console problems and how this is NOT helpful ok, PC people with PC people and Console people with Console people, this forum needs a CONSOLE MODERATOR which it does not seem to have.....
  2. Sony will brick your system if you hack it, there is no access to the software period, Sony stopped allowing it years ago when aholes started using mods to hack peoples personal Playstation machines and accounts with Sony and putting malware on peoples system so Sony stopped allowing anybody personal access to the software........
  3. Not a Question its a Statement...... PS4 Pro The game has stopped loading all of my saves and if I'm in the tracking station it will not load any of my ongoing missions very upsetting for the amount of time I've put into this crash feast, personally this game as enjoyable but is the worst game I've ever played on consoles and I've been playing on console continuously since 1977 ok?, thats 44 years I've played console video games probably longer than most of you have been alive I've had every system since 77 and even a bunch of jap stuff in the 90s with the genesis and Nintendo systems, I've played 1000s of games and this is the worst most trashy game ever and the programers should be held accountable for there bad coding and Sony is also to blame for purposely making there system under powered so it can mot compete with homemade computers thus limiting programers and also locking out mods and bricking systems of those who want nothing more than to make games better, again THIS GAME SUXS AND IS A PIECES OF CRASHING CRAP AND I WANT MY MONEY BACK...... Have a Nice Day! Toki
  4. I'm totally with you about the auto save I hate it too, it always pops up when I'm trying to do a video or plotting maneuvers mostly when I dont want it and it also wrecks some of my ability to redo unless I constantly manually save which I do so I do not need an autosave wish we could turn it off.
  5. my question was not answered you said it yourself "I got suggestions" which are not answers if you think I got an answer ill disagree, every question I've asked since joining this forum have not been answered with a solid answer and an explanation as to why or the physics of why something should be done a certain way, I get suggestions or a well I've never had that problem but here's what I would do or even I don't know but here's what I would do which are not helpful at all. who's the PS Moderator for this site? or where are the experienced PS for Xbox players?, this site needs a separate Console only forum I feel?....
  6. Its funny how every time I say I'm on a Console everybody stops talking to me as if my game is somehow different than there game or maybe its the smug nature of some PC players?..... Elite Dangerous (Frontier) just screwed there Console community over sooooo maybe Squad or Private Division are the same?, I would like to point out that Consoles came out for homes in 1977 probably before most of you were born, I got one that year and played the excrements out of it, the concept of a "PC" or even a game for PCs didn't happen till decades later, so some of us like Consoles better but there is a smugness from some PC people that there game is dumbed down because of us console players and we should be gotten rid of for there sake and I don't agree, the PC manufactures are the ones who don't get the consoles and seem to act like consoles are hard to work with when there are many games that are as complicated as Kerbal and they run fine on a PC or a Console, what the people at Squad need to do is hire the right company to do the Console version of the game and not do it in house like all of the failed games are done, ED has failed because they refuse to farm it out and there programers are combative about having to know how to program for a console so it is sort of in house sabotage that ruins the console games most time and bad management, BLAH! BLAH! BLAH! BLAH!........... I look forward to the comebacks every time seriously......
  7. As one of your 4 subscribers this one was good one.......
  8. Your right I'm sending 3 Kerbs and my landing ship is larger than any I've built before due to the high gravity, I tell you what when I'm successful I post a pic here of my lander, I'm not sure how to post the pic but ill figure it out?.. Well I'm on a console PS and we get trophies/achievements but cheating/testing. which I can do will void any trophies, I'm trying to platinum this game so I cannot do testing without having too build 2 craft exactly the same in 2 different saves 1 for trophies no cheating and 1 for testing and thats kind of a pain to do as this whole mega ship for my EVE trophy has like 270 something parts, so going to EVE and trying then reverting back to fix stuff and trying again is the best way I feel can get this and other game trophies for my platinum, I heard this was the hardest planet so once out of the way I can do less strenuous missions??maybe. haha.
  9. Normally I run my struts at Springs=1 and Dampers=2 after thinking about it I went with more struts, I only had 8 and went to 16 with Springs=1.5 and Dampers=2 my landing craft is real heavy as you might guess I was aware of the high gravity but under estimated it duhhhh lol. I have been to Duna Twice so I get the just barely working jet packs I just did not think of it when planning my EVE trip, live and learn huh just like all the great Kerbonaughts have had to in kerb history, I guess Kerbs like to skydive as much as I do they wear a chute 24/7. but anyway I added more struts and plenty of ladders and am plotting back to EVE as I wright this..... the wright joke is because I live in Dayton, OH. wish me luck. Blue Skies
  10. Jebs not on the surface I used my quicksave from the launch pad and started over so jeb is back on Kerbin with me, I was just explaining why I abandoned my 1 sort of successful landing on EVE because of the broken landing struts and the high gravity and I might add that as a pro skydiver I would hate EVE's gravity its to much, the perfect skydiving gravity would be .80% or 80% of what earths gravity is. I need the struts because I have my Rover under my ship and need the clearance to drive out from under the ship after landing, and my struts where at Springs=1 and Dampers=2 I think just need more struts as I only had 8 and its double now to 16 with the Springs at 1.5 and Dampers still at 2, guess will see soon I'm plotting my way back to EVE now, should be back there in a few hours I'm guessing?.
  11. Hello Kerb's I'm working on my 5th attempt at landing on EVE, gonna make it this time , made it there 4 times so far and have attempted landings twice with 1 being successful but my landing struts were destroyed on the successful landing booo even though my speed was less than 5 m/s, and making it impossible to get the rover out from underneath my ship as it was what was keeping the ship upright haha and then without thinking I put Jeb on the surface (no ladders) not realizing the gravity would keep him from using his jet pack, again haha but I do a quicksave on the launchpad every time and revert and recover and start over. Soooo I'm wondering if I should increase? or decrease? the spring or damper strength for an EVE landing? I added 4 more struts and now have 12 total (LT-2) I'm sure #5 landing will be the one. Toki
  12. I use the Communotron HG-55 for all my deep space trips, your EVE lander needs to be built a certain way, go to YouTube and watch KSP EVE landers before you try to go to EVE.
  13. Well ultimately I'm not a techie but I will say I've never had a game crash so much, but almost all my crashes are during reversions to the space center from the launch pad and its most likely memory like you mentioned, the PC game manufactures have always seemed to dislike the consoles even tho consoles where for at least 20+ years (1977-97) the way people exclusively electronically home gamed before PCs came along, I got my first console in 1977 when I was 14 which was the first year they came out, I even kept a console with me while I was serving onboard Nuclear Submarines and played as much as I could and those games never crashed because if they did they could ruin the game manufacture so they did not do things like todays manufactures will just to sell a game....
  14. This isn't very helpful because its aimed at PC only not the console problems.....
  15. King of Nowhere Q: does your ship work on kerbin? > yes it does Q: do you have control of the ship? as in, do you have a pilot on board? a probe core? does anything change if you add a pilot?> Its a Sentinel Camera probe around the Sun contract, advanced probe core LC-L01, I've built a a number of probes so this is standard build for me. Q: if nothing works, it could be a bug. how big is your ship? i personally found that past a certain size they tend to malfunction. > Yeah I know what you mean about the big ships on the PS Pro, anything over 200 parts and its fingers crossed, but no this was built small for a Mun Launch to save money. I did find a launch stability enhancer on my Mun launch platform that I did not put there and it was acting all weird and jiggling around, I couldn't see it at first because it was night on that side of the Mun but I went back in the day and it was still there and I restarted the game and the playstation and it was still there so I'm kind of thinking that it might be causing it????
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