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  1. TokiGlassBlower's post in PS4 Flight Controls? is there a Port/Starboard and Dorsal/Pectoral Control Feature? was marked as the answer   
    Thanks for your time BigStar,
    I did some experimenting yesterday and found that to get these controls I had to (hold) R1 and use the LS to go to port/starboard and dorsal/pectoral with the RCS engaged and my forward and backward is R1 (hold) and R2/L2. Strangely you would think that pushing left (starboard) on the LS or pushing right (port) on the LS would push the ship in those directions but it does not?, its reversed so pushing left on the LS pushes to port and pushing right with the LS pushes to starboard and the up/down is also reversed this is weird if you ask me and not intuitive, its like your driving your car and you steer left but go right instead, it makes you have to think even harder while doing these maneuvers for docking, DEV should fix this? or explain how to fix it myself? and these p/s or p/d controls are not in the KSPedia PS4 controls PDF I downloaded. I'm going to try your suggestion of switching the docking tab to on to get these controls, if that works it would be easier than holding R1 down? cause this is all about practicing my docking.....
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