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  1. Please add handles variants to apollo decoupler, sad to see boring gray handles. github 1.11 version
  2. Can you make thicc agena and other unflown stages as addition to main BDB, to reduce part count?
  3. I have a nice idea. Why not to add science container module to Gemini automated resupply pod, so it can return data?
  4. LM lab but to moon I also want to suggest hydrogen only switch to VFB lab ( for using it with nuclear engines) and stretched variant (S IV C) for ETS saturn.
  5. Cool, blue sofi, 11/10. I think SRBs should be lowered a bit, though it seems impossible with that short decoupler.
  6. Looks like something push boosters to core stage. Once i saw aerodynamic cone got blue aerodynamic vector pointing away from core stage after separation, maybe thats the reason? Even two separation motors cant separate it.
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