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    Playing ksp for 7 years and still a noob
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    Making (and failing) to make SSTOs that can go far with no refueling... (Sorry I'm not yet matt lowne :[ )

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  1. Even while making the craft it automatically extends, I've deleted the electrical file and copy pasted it from another ksp game that it's solar pannels don't do the bug but it still does?
  2. Weirdly sometimes after I close ksp and re-open in less than 1 minute the part thumbnails got corrupted and I have to manually delete them everytime, its been doing that for a long time and I don't know why?
  3. I mean If you do refuel is it even considered an ssto? Just wandering
  4. And it has only 1400 m/s... I CAN'T GO ANYWHERE WITH THIS (is refueling allowed?)
  5. YES I'M AT ORBIT FINALLY (Major redesign :[ )
  6. I mean the Nerv does produce not a lot of power at the atmosphere and uses quite a bit of fuel so...
  7. Wait you also fire the Nervs even at the athmosphere?
  8. Yes they are radially attached and Angle of incidence... I don't even know what that is Well I'll try that in just a sec
  9. It didn't work it since I was ascending slowly I basically stalled and kept falling because I was so low on speed
  10. My ssto has like 2.06 thrust to weight ratio and it gets to 350 m/s really really fast but it's stuck there and just slows down until it runs out of fuel, HELP I'VE BEEN TRYING TO TAKE IT OVER 400 m/s FOR 3 HOURS
  11. An Idea for a planet for me is a planet is a new gas giant, yes there is jool but only that and its quite small
  12. I would imagine running scatterer and EVE would be like looking at a picture
  13. I think one of the devs said that it might be... life I think? fungae i think I'm not sure all I know is he regrets making it that green
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