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  1. What if modern technology has been used in the past? Here's a video of Saturn V being used using Falcon 9's landing system. Enjoy the video and don't forget to subscribe!
  2. Hi guys. This time I made a video of visiting all biomes on Dres and making 10M science. Enjoy the video:) Please subscribe if you liked it and enjoy my other videos!
  3. Nice:) Will be considering that opinion. Thank you for watching:)
  4. Anyone who has an idea to name these satellites, please comment down below!!
  5. Hi guys:) I've made perfect triangle of a relay constellation The video shows how I've made it. Enjoy!
  6. Hi guys! This time I made 5M science only from the Mun. Enjoy the video:) And I'm looking for someone to write down a sentence for the flag. Please comment down below. Also hope you guys subscribe to my channel. That's what motivates me:)
  7. Next will be getting 5M science only from the Mun. Enjoy:)
  8. Hi guys! I made a video of making 500,000 science only from 2 biomes at Mun!! This video is the first part where I send a Space Station to the Mun. Here's the link for the video:) Enjoy!
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