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  1. With the limits of information on both games, all I can confidently say is that Base Building on an assembly mechanic looks comparable - Otherwise any similarities are skin deep. You can already see the starfield ship builder is abstracting the realities of the ship design decisions one might make in KSP (Aerodynamics, CoG, etc) into a few generalized mobility stats. IVA is probably superior, but this is just by virtue of being a FPS set in space, of course it'll let you get closer and more detailed internally where you fight. Exploration is fundamentally different, with Bethesda design almost universally focused on deliberate Points of Interest; a design choice I don't see changing, whereas we haven't seen much of what drives KSP 2 exploration past the joys of adventure itself, we've just inferred from the prior game. The one I can say to completely discount at this time is graphical comparisons - Both games are yet unreleased, KSP 2's final visual fidelity is very likely still in flux as timelines and hardware shift, and Bethesda is well known for pushing the graphics to max during reveals only to scale back to what's realistic at launch - This isn't a malicious action, they just tend to be more optimistic than reality allows regarding what they can finally deliver.
  2. They don't have to walk back on anything. They could easily put a "don't show X/Y/Z in your coverage" condition for those review copies. Its pretty common, and a lot of games have soft "don't go past X or Y" in their policies these days for streaming and content creation. Most people have some handful of trusted creators they follow, and if someone like Scott Manly or Quill18 said "I can't show you how colonies work until the release date but I've got one on the mun and its amazing" that would be enough for me to be confident in the product, and a lot of people would be the same. This is not an all or nothing field, they can keep secrets about gameplay systems while still allowing content creators to confirm the state and quality of the game.
  3. I would propose a third option, actually. KSP likes to think of itself as a game of discovery and exploration. Much like the other aspects in the sequel, my guess is they want to keep as much of the mystery as possible on as many things as possible. Revealing substantive things in the marketing (mechanical elements) starts to open questions about how they work, what the systems are, progression, etc. Players will naturally start to metagame their way around a lot of the systems in advance. Keeping systems such as Colony Operations under wraps with just peeks into it in other videos about simpler mechanical things keeps that mystique, prevents players from trying to precompute things instead of figuring them out when they first land a colony module on the Mun. The less new parts, the less new planets, the less new systems and mechanics they show off, the more there is to be surprised by and discover at the end. That leaves mostly showing off technical art, or small aspects of pieces of the game. Its a terrible conflict for me because I do love the discovery and figuring out systems aspect, but I also really want to know whats coming down the pipe. I don't believe this offers much excuse to not talk at all about multiplayer before release though - That is very much a technical system, and not a gameplay one in the sense that you don't really discover what the limits are, you probably want to know "Can two of my friends play with me or only one" well before release for reasons outside the actual gameplay.
  4. Always sucks to hear a delay - but I think what I'd like to see more then is just a more consistent schedule for any of the dev team reveals/communications/etc. I don't think its the total release date that has me on edge, but the complete question of "When will I know more" just being big old question marks. The community has identified trends, but trends are not "come back on the third friday of every month for something small or large".
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