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  1. That's a great point! While small in part count it was super smooth. Its also the only piece of gameplay footage we've seen without the "pre-alpha" stamp on it.
  2. One thing I am genuinely curious about though is that frame rate. It's mentioned in the comments pretty much every in game footage sneek peak we get. When you download the source video, the properties say that the render is 59fps. Now the capture could have been in 30fps and that's why it appears jumpy. The game could very well be running 60fps or greater smoothly. We are just perhaps not seeing this after the layers of capture, import, edit, render, upload... definitely a possibility! If this is not the case and what we are seeing is representative of what was shown on their screen, I still have hesitations to believe there is need for worry. This gameplay footage, like all past ones, is stamped with pre-alpha. Typically, as I understand it, these builds would not have any implemented optimizations. They are simply raw builds of the game. Given that the last dev diary spoke on the active status of localizing all of the text for language translation, I believe they are way beyond pre-alpha status. We just simply have not been shown the more optimized versions as everything is still in flux build to build. Would be nice though to get a comment from the devs confirming this and putting minds at ease. I seriously have a hard time believing that this is the performance level to expect with what appears to be ~30 parts craft. Not even ksp1 on a modest pc would really have an issue with that. Just wouldn't make sense knowing all they have done to make improvements on the part based physics system. Just my .02
  3. Awesome new footage!!! Smoke effects could use a little more work, but that terrain and textures look amazing. The atmospheric scattering is also breathtaking! The mun from a distance looks very inviting (such a tease) lol. The game is looking really good!!!
  4. Its ok man, relax. Things happen! I mean yeah sure it sucks we have had to wait a lot longer for the game, but I think many people here would agree with me when I say I would prefer to play the 2023 version than what could possibly have been the March 2020 one. The development is in a good spot right now. Be patient, I know it will be worth it!
  5. I am not too sure what to make of this one guys. I've reached out the the KSP2 team on Facebook and suspect that I will hear back from them Monday. I read the Developer insight that was posted yesterday around mid-day. It was written by @Just Jim and he explained his role as a writer for KSP2. I am not sure why, but when I got on today to update my Interactive Timeline: https://time.graphics/line/642556 I noticed that I could no longer find the dev post. It was located on the Kerbal Space Program website and announced as a link on their Facebook page. Now both the Developer Insight itself and the post announcing it are gone. I had simply scanned it but hadn't dived deep into it to source any possible hidden information (Deep Thoughts with the Deep ). My only thought is that it contained some piece of information the team was not ready to release. Hopefully this update gets reposted as I was interested in what it had to say. Perhaps Just Jim or @Nate Simpson are allowed to comment on this.
  6. That's awesome! Good to know the youtube algorithm is doing something haha. It's crazy, I started the channel for warzone content two years ago and never took off. Drop one ksp2 news video... boom 20 some subscribers right away. Thanks for the support!
  7. Added new release window. Also added the acquisition date of KSP IP per request from viewer with sound argument.
  8. Apologies, what have I messed up?
  9. So I went back and found it. Very first feature video that launched alongside the trailer. At about 1:35. It looks like a white dwarf with like maybe a g class yellow dwarf? Picture of binary star in feature video
  10. This is, of course, assuming that they spent the time, money, and effort building such a unique localized n-body system to only use it in one location in the entire game... I have a feeling we may see it in other places. We've seen what appeared to be a binary star system in a previous feature video. Can't remember which one, but it was when the game's music composer was talking about the opportunity of making the soundtrack for the game. Just my hunch. But I'm confident that we will see this n-body system in other locations.
  11. So Nertea has been apart of the ksp2 team for some time now and I suspect he had a huge impact in the field of radiators. Correct me if I am wrong but I do not remember seeing radiators that looked like the ones we saw in the procedural radiators show and tell in previous pre alpha captures. And I'm not talking about the procedural shapes. Nertea is the modder responsible for the Far Future Technologies mod in KSP1. He includes a set of radiator pieces that look much like the ones in the show and tell, minus the procedural part. and he really did his homework! It's not for looks. They may have an appearance that could be confused with solar panels but they are a conceptual interpretation of carbon fiber reinforced graphite composites. They have a very mirror like reflective property. Yet these are the supposed future for waste heat removal in spacecraft. Sure the developers could have gone with a design that looked unique compared to solar panels, but we've seen time and time again the developers' commitments to grounding everything in KSP2 to real science. 2014 dissertation on high heat dissipation in nuclear powered spacecraft by Briana Tomboulian . I am sure @Scott Manley would be able to elaborate further. Its a little beyond my knowledge in thermodynamics. Perhaps another "what Kerbal Space Program Doesn't Teach You" video? I for one would certainly be intrigued!
  12. You want my theory? After spending a lot of time putting that timeline together, I've discovered some patterns. If I had to guess, we will not hear anything this Friday in regards to a show and tell. Typically, they have historically gone radio silence after a feature series video. I'd love to be wrong though haha. That's my near future prediction. See what I did there @Nertea ? As for a far future prediction, oh God I can't stop myself haha, I suspect we will hear something in regards to a release date at Gamescom in late August. This will be the first time since covid that Gamescom will return. It is also where ksp2 was originally announced. We should also receive the final developer feature series video around that time. Following that, PAX West will be early September giving a follow up opportunity to promote following the release date announcement. All this will gear up for a October, November, or December release. But who knows, maybe there is something more to mentioning the moon landing in the most recent feature video and specifically showing the newspaper clipping with the date of July 21st (morning after). But I seriously doubt that would be the release date. I think they are a little further out than that. But maybe they will drop the last feature video on that day, with the release date. none the less, I would certainly love to add something to the timeline this Friday!
  13. You may or may not know this, but Squad does still have a big role in KSP2. After the most recent KSP update, many of the Squad members were brought over to help with KSP2. Some still remain at Squad, but they are mostly there for patch updates and bug fixes. But if you also didn't know, the original members of squad are long gone. After 1.0 release Squad was bought buy private Division in 2016 I believe, and most of the members since then have been new guys and gals. Both DLCs and 12 major content updates have been made with the new crew. So I really would not be concerned that KSP2 is by a different developing studio. I honestly believe that Nate Simpson will spearhead this game to be 10x more awesome than the first. He is the right guy for the job! You also got to keep in mind that these developer videos were already planned. they dropped a trailer for these videos along side the trailer announcement. The game was originally meant to release in spring of 2020. I have a huge feeling that a lot of the stuff that they are showing us isn't new by any stretch as it was already at least scripted. NDAs suck! Nate himself has mentioned on many occasions that they are way beyond what they are allowed to talk about. Private Division is the one keeping a tight leash on what the developers are allowed to reveal. I, very recently, would have also said that I believe that the game will be delayed again. But what I cant get past is the fine tuning that is being shown on the more recent show and tells and even this most recent developer series video. Beautification is usually a very late stage process in video game development. They most certainly would not be focusing on on terrain textures and atmospheric scattering if the core game wasn't built. I honestly believe we are very close now. But at the end of the day if there is another delay, I certainly do not think it will be a long one. I will be anxiously patient in waiting
  14. I remember listening to this haha, but yes, I did miss this... It has been added! thanks for the info.
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