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  1. Funny: I can’t say. Interesting: I became an admin on the Ideas Wiki for a day
  2. This is a megathread for people who want to review this trend! wait.. it’s not a trend. Ok, ok... You get what I mean, review Kerbal Space program 2. For me, just by some art and character designs: 5/10.
  3. My remix of as it was, I am listening to it right now. a bit ago, it was renegrenes by Xembassenes, can’t spell.
  4. Just have fun with it, just not too much!
  5. I guess we need to know what you’re here for.
  6. Your spoiler just said it needs to be moved, this is a question about KSP.
  7. This is a question, I never played so...
  8. Well, as a musician, a lot: Guitar Piano/Keyboard GarageBand My voice (singing, humming, whistling) Any Drum Gong.
  9. You have been banned for the following reason: Having a icon from a M rated game, and not from Kerala. Appeal? Message me!
  10. The name’s Abigblueworld, here’s who I am: I am a: Spammer Autistic teenager Female Wiki editor Roblox player Off-topic poster Troll (on forums and wikis) Everything user (not really) That’s SAF-WROTE. Super annoying
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