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  1. After some testing, I have come to the conclusion that the mod NEEDS RO to work, Which is a shame because i don't really use RO alot, but nerveless great mod!
  2. I definitely want a stockalike neutron, so Yes! I want it!
  3. I love this mod! Right now I'm making Edwards and Vandenberg configs for KSRSS. God speed, KSRSS Devs!
  4. Any plans for Edwards in the future?, Also I love this mod!
  5. I'm pretty sure every mod uses stock sounds, but idk I might be wrong I usually play with sound pretty low.
  6. How would i get the BDB dev? like the version with the tiny surface explorer lander the lem shelter and eoss?
  7. Are there any plans for the Soyuz 2.1v, or any other Soyuz variants? just curious oh yes, i cannot WAIT for this
  8. How are you going to get it to be aerodynamically sound with those wings?
  9. So I cannot get KSRSSVE or any other eve config for KSRSS 2.5x Scale to work, anyone had this issue?
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