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  1. For any one having problems running Autom8 scripts. Open folder KSP\plugindata\mumechlib. Make sure file is yourfilename.lua, it has to be an lua file. If you don't see the extension (default for Windows) change that in Windows "folder options". From the KSP launch pad type <font color="blue">dofile("yourfilename")</font> and 'Enter' in the Autom8 control line. Quotes and parentheses are required. Hopefully you will get a usage statement, but it depends on the script. The usage statement "should" show you exactly what to enter. <font color="Orange">What you enter and the order in which you enter it is </font><font color="Red">critical</font>.
  2. Start by trying; dofile("mun") The rest is garbage, ignore it. After it's FlyMeToTheMun(lat,lon) caps required.
  3. Minmus or Mun? <s>10km should be more than enough for Minmus</s> I tried an LaT from 10km in Minmus orbit and it was about 2km off. I then tried from 20km (quick save) and was dead on. So it's probably bit low for Mun also. More critical is TWR. Mechjeb needs a TWR of 8 or better to successfully Land at Target.
  4. This script started out as what I thought would be a <i>trivial</i> modification of olex's Mun to Kerbin Return script. Well there is no such thing as a <i>trivial</i> mod to someone else code! I did have a "yeah" moment when I was finally coasting to Mun escape with fuel, but that didn't last. I found out what olex was refering to as fine tuning when I ended up back in Mun orbit. I know how to return from Mun, but I needed to start fresh. So HomeJeb started. The script is not optimal. Longitude is not yet available (neither vessel.longitude nor vessel.Longitude worked) and I don't know how to kill time warp. This is where you come in. You need to manually "abort" the time warp at the deorbit burn point. These are are -45 degrees longitude for Mun and +20 degrees longitude for Minmus. Neither value is critical or for that matter even optimal, but they work well. Longitude is at the bottom of the "surface info" screen. Notes: The script assumes your ship has sufficient fuel and thrust to get back to Kerbin. If you run out of fuel it just stops. There is one scenario I'm aware of that will cause you to crash. If you run out of fuel just before landing and without enough altitude to deploy your chute you will crash. Easy fix, if it looks like this may happen stage to your chute. <font color="red">Warning:</font> The script sometimes returns a coroutine error - out of sync. I think I understand what this means but I have no clue how to fix it. Fortunately it's intermittent, so quick save before starting script. <a href="">HomeJeb</a> on pastebin. I'm also attaching a zip file. <a href=" ">Video</a>Usage: Enter dofile("homejeb") Enter Home()
  5. Thank you. I was about to throw something at my computer.
  6. I'm trying to access vessel.Longitude but I get an exception. It says "Cannot get Longitude from MuMech.VesselState. Is this not implemented yet? Can I get longitude somewhere else? Thanx
  7. I can't get "Land at Target" to get anywhere near the target coords using the LV-909 LFE. I increased the thrust to 50kN and it's dead on, but at the original 20kN it'll be 100 km or more off. Sorry if this has been posted before, I haven't been keeping up with the forums.
  8. Here are four scripts, all basically modifications of R4m0n's FlyMeToTheMun. With <a href="">KMun</a> I changed the name, typing in FlyMeToTheMun (capitalization required) got real old, real fast. I added a variable to input Kerbin Orbit Altitude and it adjusts Pe (one time using the original, it warped me into Mun). <a href="">KMin</a> was just the next logical step. Lands on Minmus. <a href="">KMunO</a> gets you into Mun orbit at the input altitude. I'll let you figure out for yourself what <a href="">KMinO</a> might do. To use, open autom8 and type in dofile("filename") then click execute. This will give you "usage". Hopefully that is clear. Capitalization and spaces are required. Click execute. <font color="red">Warning:</font> On both Minmus scripts insure that you will not be caught in Mun's SOI. If you don't know how to do that, from the launch pad go to the orbital map (default M) and if necessary time warp until Mun is out of the way. Strange things happen if you are caught in Mun's SOI on the way to Minmus. I'm also attaching a zip file (because that's what I know) that you can just unzip into KSP\plugindata\mumechlib. Finally, if the scripts aren't working for you, try cleaning up your system. After uncountable times running and rerunning the scripts to make sure they worked the way I wanted, one more try didn't work. WTF! I ran <a href="">Wise Care 365</a> , defraged and rebooted and the script magically worked again. The haters are going to love me now. <font color="Orange">Edits</font> Cleaned up some code. Added error catch. Added immediate landing option, example - KMun(75,"il","il"), quotes are required. And, after having my ship topple over for no apparent reason, added stabilization.
  9. Try a different placement of your solar panels. I was having this problem on one of my ships and it turned out that they were being blocked by fuel tanks.
  10. This may sound weird, but try defraging your system. It\'s become my SOP anytime MechJeb starts screwing up and usually fixes the problem.
  11. Minmus is too close to their sun (or whatever it\'s called - Kun?) to have methane ice.
  12. Set turn start to 12 km or 15 km for heavier ships. Set turn end to 70 km-outside of atmosphere. This works for me.