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  1. Do KIA kerbals respawn in career mode, or only MIA ones? I'm not sure if I can get over the tragic death of Jeb
  2. Do these weapon mods not work in Career mode? I don't seem to have any weapon systems or managers or anything in the tech tree, just a couple of seats.
  3. I used CKan to download the BDArmory mod and the other required mods for it to work, but I can't actually build weapon managers or any weapons. All of the BDA tabs in the construction menus are completely empty, and when I check the R&D building there are no BDA things in the tech tree at all other than a couple of seats. Any ideas? I also tried installing the mod manually without CKan, and it's the same thing.
  4. I'm just now getting into modding KSP, and if this is abandoned now I might as well start with RWP. Does anyone know where can I find the latest version of RWP, it doesn't seem to have a thread on here at all.
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