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  1. Video submission for low mass Jool 5 mission. 5.82 ton (excluding pilot mass) at launch. After a painfully long time, I was finally able to break Bradley Whistance record on this.
  2. The challenge: send a kerbal to Duna and back with the lowest launch mass possible! Continued from: The original post has been inactive for many years, and I would like to get rid of the "launch in a capsule" restriction, in order to pursue the absolute limit. I would be excited to see someone breaking my new record! A mission with a Juno engine should probably get the launch mass below 2 tons. The Rules: - No infinite fuel or hack gravity, or any form of cheating. (obviously) - Stock and DLC only, no modded parts. Information mods are OK. If you are not sure, ask in your submission. - No kraken drives, no KAL overclock, no magic wings (heat shield or flag wings), no cfg change. - The Kerbal must return to Kerbin. - Re-entry heating must be set to at least 100% - Mass does not include launch clamps. - Mass does not include pilot, but inventory of the pilot should be included. In other word, reported mass=mass on launch pad – 45 kg. - The craft should launch by itself, on any of the launch site in the stock game. But DO NOT transport it to a different launch position using other crafts. - Part clipping is allowed but should be stated clearly in the submission. - Missions below 5 tons are very welcome. Missions above 15 tons… There is plenty of room for improvement, since launching in a chair is allowed. - In case you don’t know yet, a sandbox save with Commnet disabled allows engineers to create maneuver nodes. This is encouraged so that you can push the limit further using EVA construction. Submission Rules - Have a screenshot from inside the VAB showing the craft's mass or show it in a video if you are submitting by video. - If you are submitting by screenshots, make sure to screenshot every major burn and the landing on Duna and the return to Kerbin. - If you are submitting by video remember to show the mass and all major burns. Leaderboards - My own submission: Propeller + rocket, a very unconventional approach. I am posting this challenge because I broke BW’s record. Very little part clipping (and not really necessary). 2.291 Tons - @EvermoreAlpaca: Previous world record from the legendary Bradley Whistance. Likely the limit of this challenge prior to the introduction of DLC – 2.998 Tons - @astrobond: Another legendary player who invented the world first Eve SSTO. To both Duna and Ike (remains world record in that category). – 3.995 Tons A few submissions from the original challenge that are below 10 tons: - @tseitsei89 Low mass duna mission 4.609t - Imgur, Jet engine launch, spark booster to help speed up, ions to orbit. Tiny lander using a pair of spider engines - 4.609 Tons - @ManEatingApe: achieved 1700+ meters per second using a rapier, used a tiny wheel like lander and a tiny ion shuttle, utilized aerobraking at both Duna and Kerbin saving fuel. - 4.992 Tons - @Eidahlil : Very awesome craft, rapier engine shot it out of the atmosphere, the lander and ion shuttle assisted each other in achieving orbit, lander has no parachutes, Kerbin and Duna captures both done manually by the ion engine. - 5.473 Tons - @Nefrums Small Duna - Imgur, Rapier launched, spark engine assisted in orbit, ion-powered transfer stage, Duna lander made of cockpit of launch vehicle, Mun assist into Kerbin Orbit, glided down to KSC, powered landing on a spark engine. Very impressive, especially the powered Kerbin landing. - 7.5 Tons
  3. Update: Bill to orbit and back in 671 kg and probe to orbit in 543 kg + probe to Minmus in 763 kg I think I might re-open the challenge in a new thread, if no one replies to this one in a few weeks.
  4. In the two videos below, I delivered Bill Kerman to orbit and back with a 671 kg craft (excluding pilot mass), and a fully functional probe (with a solar panel and a battery) to orbit with a 543 kg craft. The manned craft involves a magic trick (Bill holding jetpack on his hands). The unmanned one is completely legit. These two missions break records of lowest mass to orbit for both manned and unmanned (controllable) missions, both set by myself a week ago. Previous manned mission record: 713 kg by ZG Alpaca; 874 kg by Bradley Whistance. Previous unmanned controllable mission record: 0.645 ton by foamyesque(prior to v1.7 when spark hasn't been nerfed); 659 kg by ZG Alpaca. The second video also contains an unmanned mission to Minmus with only 763 kg. I initially wanted to challenge the 776 kg manned Minmus record by Lark Kerman, but his magic flag wings are too powerful to beat. Nevertheless: this mission should still be the world record of unmanned probe to Minmus (w/o magic). Due to the lack of orientation control of the solar panel, I had to use infinite electricity in the last part of the mission. I could have replaced the antenna with a battery and provide communication through relay satellites. The weight and delta v are not affected. The battery should provide enough electricity for the whole mission, as long as you put the probe core on hibernate during time warp. However, it is so painful to do it all over again, and I really apologize for that. Previous manned mission record: 776 kg by Lark Kerman (a lot of magic); 1.2 ton by Bradley Whistance (no magic).
  5. I just checked as you suggested, cannot see the old variants. Are you sure it is not added to your game by any mods?
  6. Oh, sorry for missing that. I guess I need to work on it a bit more to break this record then. I am changing the post to reflect this. I do want to point out that the post was from 2016 before spark engine was nerfed in v1.7. The mass of a spark has increased from 0.1 ton to 0.13 ton since the nerfing. So, I am thinking the craft may not work in the latest version of the game.
  7. My first submission to this challenge. Bill to orbit in 713 kg, and probe to orbit in 659 kg. Mission reports and videos here. Not sure if the OP is still around, maybe I should have started a new challenge thread?
  8. Can't believe I forgot to submit to this challenge! Here is my video of a single stage grand tour that includes Eve. As I used Lt_Duckweed's craft, it should probably be count as a collaboration between us.
  9. In the two videos below, I delivered Bill Kerman to orbit with a 713 kg craft (excluding pilot mass), and a fully functional probe (with a solar panel and a battery) to orbit with a 659 kg craft. These two missions break records of lowest mass to orbit for both manned and unmanned (controllable) missions. A couple notes: Previous manned mission record: 874 kg by Bradley Whistance. Previous unmanned controllable mission record: foamyesque, 0.645 ton (prior to v1.7 when spark hasn't been nerfed). I used reaction wheel + 0 torque servo as motor because of weird rpm oscillation problem with DLC motors.
  10. That is totally OK. I mentioned that in my post "... but sadly I wasn't able to plant a flag on Tylo due to lack of ladder" so I understood it does not satisfy all the rules.
  11. Lt_Duckweed created an SSTA and I used it to do a single stage grand tour mission that includes Eve (with his permission). It includes the Jool five mission, but sadly I wasn't able to plant a flag on Tylo due to lack of ladder. I'll post it here anyway just for those who are interested.
  12. As the title suggests, I sent a 170-meter aircraft carrier to Eve in a single launch (2 stages, no refueling). This mission is a tribute to the Eve carrier missions by Bradley Whistance and Stratzenblitz75. It has been half a year since their last upload, I am so looking forward to (either of) their next video that I starts to re-create their mission by myself Here is the video: And the craft file: KerbalX - Eve aircraft carrier launch system https://imgur.com/A2J0Z62
  13. This will be a series of short tutorials for players who just started learning about gravity assist. The first episode gives you step-by-step guidance on how to plan a KEKKJ assist chain to get to Jool from low Kerbin orbit with 1099 m/s delta-v. Here is the video:
  14. The ascent to 15 km is driven by DLC ducted fan propellers, take a look at 0:27 of the video, or maybe the detail video: The wing-clipping is mostly for aesthetics. Originally I just attach each wing without overlapping, and it flies just fine (as long as I keep the CoM and CoL roughly at the same position). However, I just don't like the looking, it was so ugly... so I arranged them in a (in my opinion) better-looking shape for the actual mission. The key point is that this type of wing clipping does not reduce drag or change any performance of the craft, it should do the same job without wing clipping. As an example, take a look at Brad Whistance Eve cargo SSTO: I could have the wings arranged in multiple layers as he did, but it doesn't look quite like a plane (again in my opinion)...
  15. Yes it is, I never built another plane exceeding 200 t before. But if you compare it with Brad's 2000 t Eve SSTO, this one seems to be reasonably small.
  16. Just finished my single stage to Eve and back without ion engine mission. Here are some images and the video.
  17. I think I actually proved it to be possible now. With the brand new Eve SSTA ∞. It is capable of reaching Gilly from Eve sea level in a single stage, and it can land on Tylo. I think that should be sufficient to prove it's an SSTA.
  18. I believe I have created the first ever stock+DLC craft capable of reaching Kerbin from Eve sea level in a single stage, with no kraken/magic/clipping or ion engines. As a result, it can be infinitely reused. It can also land on any other terrestrial bodies in the stock Kerbol system, so it is Single Stage to Anywhere. The video is here: More information and the craft file can be found in the description of the video.
  19. Sure! Here it is: KerbalX - Eve ship 01 Both craft files have been added to the description of the YouTube video.
  20. This mission sets up an Eve base for the upcoming Eve SSTA mission.
  21. I saw three answers saying Mainsail. While it is a good engine and I used to put it on all my rockets, its position has been replaced by Mastodon since I bought DLC. Mastodon has the highest TWR among bare liquid fuel engines in the game, even higher than Mammoth. Its sea level Isp is higher than Mainsail and its cost is much lower. And it's fairly small (bare version), so you can make a huge cluster of them under your giant rocket. (Of course, Twin boar has higher TWR if you subtract the weight of the integrated fuel tank)
  22. I know it's almost impossible. But I will still have a try. At least, I would like to make an Eve SSTO by myself.
  23. Thanks! The xenon part is the only small regret I have. I will try to make my own SSGT craft without relying on ion engine, but it's going to be extremely hard.
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