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  1. Hi, I have a modded career and just got started with Kerbalism and other mods. I'm early on and wanting to launch a ScanSat satellite that operates all the time without running out of charge (e.g. Not running out of charge while being on the dark side of the Mun). I'm planning to do this via a fuel cell. Some quick reading up online uncovered that (in stock at least) that fuel cells will only operate when the (presumably combined total?) battery charge is less than 95%. So my queries are as follows, in Kerbalism: 1) Does it work the same way with the 95% threshold? 2) if you start the fuel cell when you have more than 95% charge then put the satellite on rails by doing other launches/active vessels or space centre timewarp, will the fuel cell kick in correctly when inevitably the charge drops below 95%? Or do you need the fuel cell to be actively generating (battery charge <95%) before putting the satellite on rails? 3) Say the satellite had solar panels for perpetual charge. The satellite emerges from the darkside of the Mun with the fuel cell generating, but this is still on rails (not the active vessel). While on rails would the solar panels charge and the fuel cell stop generating as it would if it were the active vessel? Any help or additional info you think would be topical is greatly appreciated :)
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