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  1. Thank you for your reply, eventhough this news is a bummer as by the kerbalism guide I see no other way to generate food for long missions and colonies. I may be asking another redundant thing, but why I can't see the robotic parts from the Breaking Ground DLC? Are they not supported too? There's a way to make them appeat and use at my own risk?
  2. Hello, is this mod supposed to be compatible with RO/RP1? I'm trying to install it from CKAN but it says it's conflicting with KerbalJointReinforcementContinued (installed automatically by CKAN with RO). Should I drop KerbalJointReinforcementContinued and install IR Next? I'm afraid this would break my installation of the whole game. My guess is if I try manual installation the result will be of little help in making the situation any better. Thank you for whoever can help this out!
  3. @hypervelocityHello, I'm having problem seeing some parts that should be implemented in the express installation of RP express, specifically I'm talking about the kerbalism Greenhouse and Gravity ring, your problem sounds similar to what I have and so hope you can be more specific on what you did to solve it. In older version of KSP and RO I had them properly visible, but now in 1.12 they are noway to be found in the VAB. I also checked my folders to see if the files were missing but it's not the case. Said this my guess is I too have to change some configuration file to make all the non-RO parts visible (the non-RO tech tree node is empty differently from previous versions), but I have no idea what I should touch and don't want to go by trial and error.
  4. Hello, not sure if this is the right thread to ask this but I didn't found another that seemed fit better. Anyway; I'm currently in a career game and going to try to shoot beyond LEO. To do so I researched some better avionics to save battery and weight. I'm now at "Early avionics and probes" unlocke and researched. This should let me select the "Early avionics" configuration in the VAB, which I can; but when I send the craft to building list the popup window appears and tells me I must unlock it for 4000$. No problem, I have plenty of funds! But then I click and nothing appens, no founds deducted and no avionic unlocked. I can use any level up to my tech node for the Science-core, but Near-Earth avionic is stucked on Start level This is my tech tree and what I see in the VAB: https://imgur.com/a/hcnZQkE I played previous versions of RO and don't remember having this kind of problem, but had a long iatus from the game and my memory faded. Anyone knows what may caused it, how to solve it or at least how to edit my save file to make it unlocked?
  5. Thank you so much, this solved my problem and I really feel so dumb to not have noticed it earlier. I guess I had completely forgot about it after years from first time. In my previous comment I forgot to ask for another minor issue I have after principia (although now afraid to look even double dumb), anyway I can't click on the Moon to set it as target. I can use KER to set targets so it's not a big deal, still I missed something again in some options?
  6. Hello everybody, I've encountered a couple of bugs once installed Principia and need help to fix this. I'm on KSP 1.12.3 and the game has ran smoothly, I then installed RO/RSS and still the game runs with no major problem for now. After I installed Principia the the game doesn't let me to set the SAS on maneuver hold after I created a flight plan with principia. I've tried on a sandbox save with the best pod avalaible and full radio signal, I can click SAS pro/retro, normal/antinormal, radial in/out and target/antitarget but the maneuver hold is always greyed out so I can't point my craft in the right direction to execute the maneuver; even Mechjeb fails to work on this matter. I would do it by hand but even the navbal doesn't show the usual blue indicator so I'm out of luck in that sense too. Obviously this function is necessary to progress beyond the Earth orbit so for now I'm stucked. I used Principia with no flaw on the KSP 1.8 so, if no huge changes have been done, it shouldn't be a problem of me not knowing how to use principia. An image is worth more than a thousand words so here's a link to see the problem: https://imgur.com/a/A1D9VE9
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