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  1. I like the variety of parts in KSP 1 but I'd love to see some basic things be adjustable, like size. I had TweakScale mod installed pretty much at all times when playing.
  2. I'm not, I'm just talking about one specific feature here which I think is implemented well there. If you want my opinion on SR2, it's way less polished than KSP, there's just not much to do in terms of gameplay.
  3. While a "normal" programming language will be more flexible, it will almost certainly be less approachable, especially for those who haven't done any coding before. I think kOS would have much more users if it had a nicer syntax or something more visual like Scratch. I personally quit kOS after making a few scripts because I didn't feel like learning the syntax, and I'm a professional developer. Stealing another idea from SR2, there are multi-functional displays. Those are basically tablets capable of running your program. You can display any information on them, you can have buttons to control your program and much more. The best part, you can put those anywhere on your craft, even inside your cockpit!
  4. Pretty sure performance hit will be negligible compared to physics and graphics calculations. Besides, if there's no code added then there's nothing to translate.
  5. Probably never happening. All modern consoles and Windows 10/11 support background recording already. It's not perfect but don't think devs will spend time on that.
  6. KSP 2 is having automated logistics? What did I miss? Well, many things in the sequel are strictly speaking "unnecessary" but wouldn't it be cool to have automation anyway? I think the demand for it will be there - kOS was downloaded almost 200k times (KSP 1 sold around 6 million copies) and even SR2 - a much smaller game than KSP - has this feature built-in.
  7. Imagine when your expensive rocket with Kerbals crashes because you ran out of drive space... Ugh! I'd rather have autopilot be later in the tech tree but without these "performance limitations". And for progression there might be additional sensors you could unlock later on to give you more data.
  8. Sure, it has to be optional, and with a way to share scripts using something like Steam Workshop you won't have to write them yourself but could use ones created by others.
  9. But why not give players access to all the data right away? Locking information away behind the tech tree doesn't seem necessary to me when more advanced parts already are. Like, what exactly could "more advanced" information be that needs to be locked? I can see, however, some data being unavailable if you don't have a corresponding part, like having no pressure data if the rocket has no barometer. Also, why have one centralized computer? Going back once again to SR2, in that game you can have multiple computers, each running its own program at the same time. In my opinion it's actually more convenient to have many smaller scripts rather than combining everything into one and not using half of it. Oh, and each computer in SR2 can also have an interactive display to quickly view or change what's going on. That would also be a nice addition.
  10. Seen that, that's why I said it's controversial. However, that post focuses more on what, not how. I also don't think we need any additional modules for the automation, just like in SR2 (much less a module for every action). Thing is, your craft would be naturally limited by your progression: you may write a program to fly all the way to Eve but if your craft doesn't have enough delta-v, then well, you can't. Speaking of key frame automation, we already kind of have that in KSP 1 and it should absolutely be a thing in KSP 2. However, my issue with that is the absence of any inputs, in a sense that your "program" doesn't know anything about the world or the rocket (good luck keyframing suicide burns in stock KSP 1!). But if the devs were to add some inputs, it would be very nice indeed. Still, having a full-fledged language that can do loops, conditions and complex math is much better if you want to tinker with it. And yes, having programmed probes would be sick!
  11. Hi, I know this might be somewhat controversial, but please hear me out first. I love automating things. I spent hundreds of hours in games like Factorio and Dyson Sphere Program and I have also tried to automate different things in KSP 1. As an example, automation is great for things that need to be perfectly repeatable (like an ascent with a specific profile) or that are hard to do manually (like suicide burns). The best way to script it in KSP 1 right now is to use kOS but I think there might be a better option. While waiting for KSP 2 I decided to try SimpleRockets 2 (by the way, it's a cool game, go try it out). So I opened the game, downloaded a cool-looking Atlas V and was blown away by what happened next. The rocket knew how to put its upper stage into orbit not just around its home planed but also its moons at a desired altitude! Turns out, SR2 has a built-in visual scripting language called Vizzy you can use to write programs like that. I decided to try it out and just in a few hours I had two programs for performing ascent and landing for me. Here's how the language looks: SR2 blog post about Vizzy. This could also be used to complement new tutorials by showing not just a video but an actual rocket flown by a computer to teach new players. And yes, all this can (and has) been done before but I find the experience of using something like kOS far from perfect: you need to install the mod, learn a new scripting language, constantly switch to an external text editor, launch scripts from the command line and debugging is often a pain. If implemented correctly, built-in scripting can improve the player's experience, especially if scripts could be shared through the Steam Workshop for those who don't want to code themselves. And hey, it's not a bad thing either if someone learns how to code a bit while playing KSP 2! And the good thing is, you don't have to reinvent the wheel. This has already been done in SR2 and it works great there. So what do you think?
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