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  1. I mean just from the trailers there's Kerbin, Eve, Laythe, Puf, Merbel, Gurdamma, and possibly Lapat are planets/moons in KSP with oceans, which is enough that I think having at least more underwater exploration options than KSP 1 is worth it, although I do agree rovers are more important.
  2. KSP 1 Eclipse: The only thing missing from KSP 1 is that it does not get darker in stock ksp. However it does get darker with scatterer installed, so I'm sure that eclipses will be spectacular in KSP 2
  3. Compared to the absolute radio silence that Elden Ring had between it's first trailer and any other information being released (Seriously, for over 2 years all we had was a cinematic trailer with no gameplay. There was a youtube channel that just posted of 30 second clip of someone in the community saying "There is no news about Elden Ring today" every single day for like a year and a half of it. The subreddit basically went mad trying to speculate about anything that could be in the game it basically designed a whole new one.), the Ksp 2 teams as positiveley pouring information down our throats, with regularly spaced show and tells and feature videos.
  4. Ksp's royalty free music has a vibe to it that I don't have the know-how to explain but I would be a little sad to see go. That said, I'm pretty sure Nate Simpson has praised the composer multiple times on the forums so I'm not too worried
  5. I know its been said but seriously rover physics needs to be improved. Carefully driving a rover 20 km on the Mun only for me to make a slight turn to the left causing the rover to be catupulted into the air vacuum and break is one of the most frustrating parts of ksp for me.
  6. Basically every episode of the feature videos has been focused on some new feature they advertised at the announcement of KSP 2. 1. New Tech. 2. More Animated Kerbals 3. Better Tutorials. 4. New Planets. 5. Interstellar Travel. Unless I'm forgetting something, all that's left is Colonies and Multiplayer. Things will start accelerating soon at the end of the feature videos. I don't really know what else they would do while the game is still in active development and thing still subject to change.
  7. I would argue you can if you've got the right sort of people I've been on multiple Minecraft realms/servers populated with a group of around a dozen friends, and there was a sort of economy where people would trade diamonds for other materials/services. I can definitely imaging trading parts or fuel for things in that sort of setting.
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