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  1. A Mission Report By Cap Penguin After the mun program wrapped up, it was clear that government funding for the Kerbal Space Program was going to be reduced significantly. So the engineers at the KSC persuaded Gene and Mortimer that a reusable shuttle would allow the program to continue manned missions at a high tempo with a lower cost than the early space programs. So a contract was sent out to the local aerospace companies for proposals. The following is a report of the outcome of this directive.
  2. Thanks, I am really enjoying it, I am going to try to enter it in the STS challenge. It has a 50+ ton payload to LKO so it's been immensely useful. I agree that more semi and non-SSTO reusable ships are generally a good thing. If you read the early shuttle stuff it is amazing the breadth of ideas they had back then.
  3. The Condor Shuttle is a runway launch but honestly, that's more because it originally had smaller drop tanks and fewer engines but as the design grew the ship got a lot heavier, and it's probably better to do a vertical take-off. I will experiment with this And thanks for keeping the Elcano Challenge going, i really enjoyed it
  4. Ooh Forgot to mention This is a stock craft in a modded game Click thru blocker Module Manager Toolbar Controller Kerbal Engineer Zero Mini AVC Better Timewarp Camera tools EVE KAC Kerbal Engineer With KER for all and Scatterer
  5. Hi! I'm new to the forums but here is my first entry: Long story short i drove a six-wheeled rover around the mun. I documented the adventure in my mission report around the mun in hopefully less than 80 days but for fast reference here is the rover and rute
  6. Around The Mun in hopefully less than 80 days final Chapter: Problem-solving and happy landings. At the KSC the engineers wanted to test out In situ mining so a test craft was assembled and sent to a likely crater that the Elcano Rover had found. The crew needed to replace a docking port that had been destroyed in a crash before they could attach to the miner. But a quick weld from Behnken took care of that and mining began. After 2 Kerbin days, the miner completely refueled its own tanks and the rover departed for the final run. As the rover closed in on its destination the return craft was sent via shuttle to the start point. After 36 days (mostly due to driving only in daylight and waiting for resupply ships / return rockets) The finish line came into view After stopping for some final pictures (And moving the rovers docking port onto the return ship) the crew departed for home When the return craft reached orbit it was clear that a refueler would need to be sent fortunately the ISRU unit had plenty of gas and the rest of the return went without incident Before departure, we took a shot of the route followed with all the flags THE END Thanks for reading my first mission report and first challenge attempt feel free to comment and tell me how i can improve **cough cough something about formatting cough cough**I
  7. Quick Update: After a resupply and a test of ISRU, I continued to drive. The final Chapter will include details for now here is a progress screenshot:
  8. Back at the KSC, a support package was hastily assembled it would consist of a lander that could carry a large number of repair kits and other supplies. The launch went exactly to plan and the support lander arrived intact. Unfortunately, the lander was over a kilometer from the rover so the crew would have to drive on five wheels for a while. but finally, the lander came into sight and repairs could commence after brief repairs, the rover was off again. While approaching the one quarter mark I "discovered" a mun arch (Looked up the location on the wiki) After a few more hours of driving, I reached the halfway mark. further updates as the attempt continue
  9. The Brave Kermin rolled east. Commander Milzer was the primary driver but all crew members were trained to operate the rover. As Kerbin set the crew discovered an unfortunate tendency in the rover: It liked to bounce. It REALY liked to bounce. Unfortunately, this meant that the repair kits that had been stashed in the cargo boxes were destroyed when the rover landed hard. As Behnken reported without the repair kits there was no way he could repair the damaged wheels
  10. This is the story so far of my mun Elcano attempt. I had tried some long-distance driving in ksp before this point but had never made it more than 20 KM. mostly because on Kerbin and Duna the monotony would make me reckless and everything would explode. so I thought I would try the Mun. The Mun has two advantages for the easily bored astronaut: It is small so it takes less time to drive around, and it has low gravity so rovers tend to... well... bounce. so with a quick shuttle flight and a bag full of unwarranted optimism I started to drive. after a quick drive, we stopped for flags and pictures further updates as events warrant Mods Click thru blockerModule ManagerToolbar ControllerKerbal EngineerZero Mini AVCBetter TimewarpCamera toolsEVEKACKerbal Engineer With KER for alland Scatterer
  11. @Kerbal Productions could I have one of those really cool banners?
  12. Stupid Question: How do add images to a post?
  13. Thanks! And thanks for the fast response moderating can be hard work.
  14. Hi, I'm CapPenguin! I have lurked in the background for many years but I finally created an account. I have 3000+ KSP hours and am excited to start posting mission reports. Is there anything I should know about posting challenge entries or mission reports?
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