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  1. might be because i mass applied MM patches. i might need to do them individually for Tweakscale. WIill be fixed in next update
  2. I edited the size 2 cabin, forgot to put the collider back. I will look into tail pieces toda
  3. is ModuleControlSurface compatible? I have a main airliner wing. I want to have a variant with and without elevons. If it is compatible, please give me the config part of it. Names can be whatever you want, it should just work, as i never got it to work. (Or extend MODULE documentation in wiki) Thanks in advance, your KerbMario
  4. same issue for me. also @DMagicwasn't online for over 2 months now, so i don't think we get help soon!
  5. i cant see the kspedia button after following this tutorial so far! https://imgur.com/a/4Z3M8Fg help me
  6. WhEre is assetbundle button cant find it
  7. i take some parts of the gear and remodel the rest afaik THAT cant be done with MM patches
  8. For my mod i would like to take some stuff from stock landing gear Is that allowed, if yes, how are stock assets licensed! Thx in advance!
  9. as far as of now, Nope if i find a way i will tell you then
  10. Is a BDB issue afaik because i get the same For example, on OAO.solarUpper, it couldnt find the Module "Subtype" So someone configured BDB a bit wrong because B9PS cant find some modules.
  11. I am planning to put some textures into one file, yes wouldnt affect performance but i just want to do it! (for P9.1, possibly coming as P10.0 Second: Quick Update from me: 23rd of July is coming close meaning Holidays from school! After that i will have much more time for adding more content to the Mod! (the time i released updates i stayed up like every one or two nights until 2AM for 2 weeks, it just was bad for me so i decided to take a break from this.)
  12. does it still work? because there is Kerbinside remastered?
  13. I want to have some sort of Failures with Aircraft Engines (for example i wanna add support for such thing to My mod) The mod should -just include basic failure system (or it should have availability to turn anything besides failures off) -it should not be a big mod Bonus: If the mod can do particles or animations when the part fails, it would be a bonus TL;DR: Searching for Simple Part Failure Mod
  14. can i use this outside of RealismOverhaul?
  15. a part of the KSP community to say the least
  16. oh ok i am thinking kinda along you i tweaked all ignition limits for engines to have 5 or 7 times more ignitions ksp2 shouls have at least not infinite , maybe like 100 ignitions for rocket engines, infinite for jet engines
  17. welllll, if i manage to export (tried with WXYZ), and import again to see if it works MOST OF THE STUFF; ALL MESHES ARE GONE!!!! EVEN SOME COLLIDERS
  18. I want to save my animated part with XYZ euler, i get errors, i heard that that isnt supported is that true?
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