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  1. i have some blender experience..... creating and scaling cubes/cylinders I dont even know how to connect 2 meshes (i wanted to do that for a part) Also i kinda know animations as i created a new animation for the door part 25PD! yes, i used the mu export plugin.... but i just edited imported mu parts and export worked at like creating cube, exporting it or such never worked i also need to get used to MU export plugin more. but i do have quite good sketchup skills which wont help (sketchup exports "circles" with like 24-edges)
  2. if you are at your PC, could you give me CFG?
  3. but how am i gonna deliver icons and cfg if user hasnt installed FE? it would create the FE folder, with icon and cfg, making it useless if someone hasnt installed FE! @linuxgurugamer
  4. if its so complicated, i would first create a simpler cockpit - Suggestions? @ColdJ @doctorbai!
  5. i just finished a config for a mod... ( i dont wanna bundle filterextensions mod with my mod zip), where should i put it? currently, icon and config are sitting in filterextension mod directory. can i put them in my mod folder and would it work?
  6. i have two ways: I learn blender (as i am not the OG creator, its neistridlar created it including 3d models) or i ask neistridlar I will probably learn blender somewhen
  7. I have updated a mod called NeistAir, Some cabins and 2 engines. and what mods should the parts support? (Currently i have tweakscale support and engine ignitor)
  8. what exactly do you mean? By updating? What is missing from it?
  9. License: CC-BY-NC-SA, see license.txt in folder NeistAir UPDATE P9.0 is finally brought out! Check SpaceDock link for further info + download Now B9PartSwitch is a dependency (but also bundled in the mod zip!) today, i took my time, and updated some stuff on the NeistAir Mod, made by neistridlar, and here we are - i am uploading my first reupdated version. Original NeistAir Thread: Changelogs: All Parts in the mod currently: DOWNLOAD: SPACEDOCK: https://spacedock.info/mod/3034/NeistAir Reupdated
  10. where is the documentation`? there is none in the github repos wiki.
  11. i found it out myself. MODULE { name = TweakScale defaultScale = 1.875 type = stack } with defaultScale being normal diameter scaling with percents is MODULE { name = TweakScale type = free }
  12. i want to have camera support on a cabin part, so if anyone has the monitors for rpm, they have a view of the cabin window, which is rotated to outside of the part. how can i achieve this? what do i need to change in cfgs?
  13. i have been using a mod called "NeistAir", and i would really like to know how i can make the cabins of this mod scalable, as i want to build a scale-accurate Boeing 707. what changes do i need to make in the parts cfg?
  14. is this working on 1.12.3? its a 1.3 mod, so i am asking
  15. uh there isn`t any interior for me in the C-2B Horizon Cockpit, kinda gray in IVA, could you add one? i just would need a simple one (for best even RasterPropMonitor integration) to fly from IVA; i like flying from inside cockpits
  16. i am an PLANE-guy, and now i think forests would look cool. Are there some add-ons for (preferably Kerbal Konstructs) KSP; that adds forest, MAYBE even trees with colliders? THX in advance
  17. It works, but i found some bugs. for example, in graphs, i couldnt use "Liquid fuel and oxidizer" and "Gravity" and G-Force, these graphs didnt show anything also in kerbal maps, there is a broken ship icon. https://imgur.com/a/JaEXVK8
  18. description still says, could you update this line to say 1.12?
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