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  1. it is the one recommended, look at the INSTALLATION section, it should show in red text "INSTALL PARALLAX 1.0.1, NOT THE MOST RECENT ONE"
  2. did you install Kopernicus, EVE, Scatterer, parallax 1.0.1, and sigma skybox replacements?
  3. Today is the day! hopefully it is not delayed once more!
  4. use the parallax version recommended by BH, not the latest one learned that the hard way
  5. 1 more day until this amazing looking mod comes out! I'm really excited about it!
  6. I'm on Wasteland, but i can't find the KSC ruins... I'm even in the exact spot, but somehow i can't find it! i have alot of mods including Kerbal Konstructs. I even have terrain scatters at max, and high quality terrain, but im there, and there is nothing. Please help!
  7. Hey, so i went to the Wasteland, but i can't seem to locate the old KSC. i am on the exact spot on the exact continent, but i just cant find it. I have terrain scatters enabled, i have Kerbal Konstructs... I would love to see it, so can someone please help?
  8. I got it to work! i reinstalled AK and deleted EPL, seems to do the trick! i thank you a million times!
  9. the thing is i already copied the steam copy CKAN dosent work from what i have tried in the past so lemme try again, if it works, i thank you very much!
  10. Hello! i would like some help please. i keep trying to play After Kerbin (AK from now on), but it does not load, saying there was an exception, blah blah etc... It used to work perfectly fine, but then it suddenly decided to just stop working... i will provide the logs so that you guys can check it out. the version is 1.12.2, as from my experience, AK was most stable. i use the most recent Kopernicus version, 132. I love playing AK and Beyond Home, so if i ever get a fix, my entire life will be happy! https://drive.google.com/file/d/13xE2lQ5q1VZyKFOPWXmtwra6FkRvNSar/view?usp=sharing https://drive.google.com/file/d/1sjdFG8SBJfmp5u5wOq_TZhbL6x6OSedt/view?usp=sharing https://drive.google.com/file/d/1G4TURQ_RPm6EUT6d71HzeKpOb4AZr1vl/view?usp=sharing
  11. i have no idea. maybe go to the settings and get to trial and error-ing your way until it does it. or else, maybe tidally lock it?
  12. nope, just press the "KK" button in the VAB/SPH to choose some bases, which include the Lua base, and others on Rhode!
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