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  1. The second screenshot reminds me of Avatar
  2. What if the dotted line is a timeline? So the first part shows a rocket getting destroyed by the Kraken. And the new part shows a later event. Maybe the explosion of a planet. Which could be depicted on the arc. Not sure what the stuff below could mean. Maybe "Kraken Guy meets Kerbal"
  3. This may sound stupid, but is there a mod or kOS script that makes your spaceship behave like a plane in the air. Similar to Star Wars Ort other non-realistic space flight games. This could be done either by compensating the players thrust and simultane air resistance using the ship's engines like in Elite Dangerous or by adding a new part that has completely different physics than the rest of the game.
  4. Hmmmm, that's what I feared. Good idea to look at Kerbal Konstructs, I will check them out! Thanks.
  5. So, I am currently testing some custom assets, but sometimes a (kinda) frozen image of kerbins ocean appears and blocks my view. This still will then hunt me and the only way to get get rid of it is to restart the game. At first, I thought it has something to do with leaving kerbin too fast because I noticed this first after a glitch catapulted me out of the kerbolar system with crazy speeds. But know it happened without such a glitch. These are the mods I am currently using: UbioWeldingLtd Toolbar Controller Click Through Blocker Hangar Extender Module Manager Watch Dog Tweak Scale Hyper Edit Parallax / Parallax Stock Textures Textures Unlimited Modular Flight Integrator Vessel Mover Final Frontier Texture Replacer Kopernicus (+ my own parts) Do you have an idea what's causing this or how to remove it without a restart? All help appreciated!
  6. Hello, I'm texturing some big custom assets and I want them to look similar to the stock space center buildings. Do you know where I can find their interior and exterior textures? Or are they hardcoded? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!
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