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  1. That would be Parallax 2.0. more info about the mod here:
  2. Second ever planet landing I've ever done. First one I did was Duna and I was wondering which planet should be my next target and I had a window for eve and thought may as-well try. About to get a little warm an sacrifice a majority of my craft. I can't believe I actually made it! If only I had a connection to the KSC! I guess I know my next mission. I decided not to send kerbals on this adventure because I wasn't to sure about eve and getting them there safely and back, I don't like to leave any kerbals behind even if they "accidentally" slam themself into a solar panel.
  3. Huge milestone for me today also took me quite a few hours to finish. In order I visited: Minmus > Gilly> Minmus> Ike> Duna> Ike> Pol> Kerbin Eve Eclipse I thought looked cool. Nice Chunk of science, shame I got the whole tree (Science mode) I don't have any Pol screenshots
  4. Made my first ever base and it was in science mode! My plan was to be able to refuel at minmus just to make it easier, yet to be tested. Was also able to build a geostationary relay satellite with parts left around. Finished build is somewhere close to 500-ish parts.
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