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  1. Special Delivery RECOLORED Changes the Special Delivery fuselage and adapter piece to a more accurate metal color to the newer Cygnus spacecraft This is a addon for @BealeSpecial Delivery Mod, provides a more accurate retexture for Cygnus pressurized module. Special thanks to @CobaltWolffor helps with BDB Style color Download Github Install: after installing Special Delivery Drag and drop the contents of GameData into your KSP gamedate directory and replace the files when told to do so MAKE SURE TO INSTALL THIS AFTER Special Delivery!!!! Dependencies: Special Delivery
  2. I have removed those now and currently working on solar panels Got some questions for y’all 1. Would you rather the landing engines be separate or part of the model 2. Crew capacity? From what i have found nasa only plans to send down 2 astronauts on the first mission but have room for all 4 on the lander last thing I will say is here is what we are looking at for dependencies Benjee-10 Shared assets (for NDS) Kari Starship Expansion Project (for raptor Engines and super heavy booster)
  3. Update!!! sorry for delays back on schedule now. i have got early models into game and working on configs now.
  4. i have been experimenting with kos as of right now but with more experience hope to move towards mechjeb2 integration
  5. KSP Landing Scripter OR KSPLS KSPLS aims to bring realistic landing profiles to KSP specifically for reusable first stages currently in development are 3 different profiles based of real life concepts and current reusable rockets Falcon 9 This profile will have to option's RTLS - first stage will return to a landing pad near the original launch site (for lighter payloads) Down range landing site on drone ship - first stage will land on a drone ship down range in the ocean that will require Kerbal konstructs (for heavier payloads) New Shepard A simple suborbital return that lands near original launch site mainly for tourism hops New Glenn A heavy launcher landing profile that will land down range on a ship Any ideas or questions about the mod is much appreciated Developer @UCTech Roadmap Dependencies: Kerbal Konstructs
  6. Hello, I would love to ask if you could include me in your private beta so I could work on a concept I have had fo a extended long duration service module
  7. Okay guys so I am going to cancel work on this project and being work on a similar lander but it will be more designed of some concept photos therefore can no longer call If you would like to still get a spacex lander tundra exploration will have one
  8. update I have made it the new design but the first version will not feature landing gear or engines the will require tundra for that progress- https://imgur.com/gallery/EVTpnQw
  9. hello Thank you for the interest expect testing next week i am currently updating model for new design
  10. Hey thank you so much for interest development has slowed down a bit due to finals but i am still working on it. the model is almost complete for v1 test just struggling on the code
  11. Hey @damonvv I am currently developing a starship lunar lander model and would love to ask you a few questions and maybe could use your help lmk if your interested
  12. Update I am currently testing to models a 2.5m size and a 5m size I would like to know your guys opinions also currently it is divided into several from top to bottom nose cone, solar panels command module, fuel tank and Eva access, 6 engines 3 main 3 orbital maneuver, landing legs also it will hold 6 Kerbals
  13. Thx definitely will look into it and glad to be here
  14. Hey yes I think it will be neat I plan on adding a few ideas of my own into it but what do you think about size I was thinking 5m
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