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  1. Then the pesky Russian rats won't be able to reach the motor seals, so no more accidents due to broken motor seals
  2. Ares could still be repurposed as an upper stage for a larger space launch vehicle
  3. The mouse was a Russian; Thus, he was quite pleased with the results of his actions.
  4. I was going to do something like that, but then I'd need to kill the rotation somehow for the orbital stage
  5. So the goal is to make a rocket that can reach orbit without any maneuvering? Also the Mk 55 Thud does have thrust vectoring, so I'd assume it would not be allowed
  6. I made this amphibious aircraft which can carry 6 passengers. Although it isn't exactly an "amphibious rover", it can travel on land and it is amphibious. As a result it doesn't look very good, but it flies surprisingly well. Whatever you do, don't turn on SAS. For some reason, this aircraft will vigorously roll to one side for no reason if SAS is enabled. It would barely fit in the cargo bay, but with the landing gear retracted it might be better at doing so. "Driving" around the KSC to show the "off-road" capabilities. Taking off from the grass. Flying around the KSC. Landing in the sea near the KSC. Did I mention it can also go underwater? Not for long though. Taking off in the water is slightly harder than usual. This is why the aircraft has a pair of wings under the main set of wings. It needs to use those lower wings as a hydrofoil in order to accelerate to takeoff speed. Taking off from the water. Returning to the KSC. I almost crashed into the ground in order to take a screenshot of it on final approach. Slowing down to a stop. Everything appears to be intact.
  7. Here's my entry: please ignore the mouse cursor. also "somali" captions are actually the english captions and might be necessary for context Length: 6.9m Max Speed (m/s) = 1490 m/s (safe speed) or 1700 m/s (unsafe speed) Max Speed (body lengths / second) = ~216 body lengths / second Craft file: https://kerbalx.com/hexeract/Bug
  8. How long is the bay? And what kind of cargo will be carried by the vehicles?
  9. Seems interesting, I might try this on- ouch I'll still try it but I'll probably use a multistage lander since ISRU and refuel stations aren't allowed
  10. What is the deadline? I might consider finishing an old project for this challenge
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