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  1. Thats right, but i cant find any image. Can you say where it is saved? Thanks in advance.
  2. Hello you Kerbalnauts, I also have an opinion, even though I just installed the game and got into the menu. First of all: I got KSP1 for free from Epic last year, worked my way into it a bit and was hooked on the game, the wit and the flair. With some mods it also looked very nice and was fun. I made it to the Mun and not much further, so only scratched the surface. With the announcement of KSP 2, the anticipation was huge, but the last 2 weeks have already shown that the (very high) expectations here can probably not be fulfilled. Anyway, I decided to buy the game anyway, not because I wanted to get started or because I had my own expectations, but because I wanted to support the manufacturer and thus ensure further development. So I installed it yesterday, installed the 169th launcher and made some graphical settings myself. Looked at Trail and landed in the menu. --> Now my problem: In the menu, where not much actually happens, my RX 6900 XT howls like mad, full wattage and that, although I have limited my FPS at 100. what??? Sorry, but that's not working at all, how should that be in the game. As I said, I don't want to judge any further, but here I almost can't believe that we are really talking about an EA, unfortunately it feels very much like Alpha. I'm sorry, but to present the failure due to problems in the game as a "feature" in the trailer is no longer funny. I can only hope that the developer will now do EVERYTHING to at least give us a real EA. The multitude of problems mentioned by other users, which can be seen in videos, are quite disappointing. It feels like Cyperpunk 2077, too high expectations and then a pretty disappointing start. But I believe in YOU developers, work hard, you can't have wanted it that way yourselves....
  3. How can anyone who is a little interested in space and has had a taste of KSP, who wouldn't want to be at the launch of KSP 2? I came to KSP very late, I only "scratched the surface" of the game, but it was still fascinating. Especially since you inevitably get a lot of knowledge in general. Great. Even if the start will be bumpy and perhaps not quite as good as I had hoped, I'm still excited about what's to come. Everybody help to make the game better...
  4. No one can tell you that, not even the devs. But it is to be expected that they will try to tackle and solve problems as quickly and comprehensively as possible for their own sake. There will be some problems that can be fixed quickly, others, where you have to get deeply involved in the code, may take longer. The perfidious thing is that the help of the users is very useful here. So anyone who notices something should report it. The more and the quicker this comes from us, the quicker we can react in the other place. We will need patience (what an unspeakable idea), but I think it will be worth it...
  5. Wow, this is really making waves. I'm split, on the one hand I can understand the displeasure, but at the same time I can't either. Yes, it feels like the system requirements for good quality are high, if not very high. That is a bit surprising, but you also have to be honest with yourself. For weeks, the screenshots have been scolded for their "poor quality". I think if you want contemporary graphics, then you have to accept higher requirements, unfortunately. Especially since, and this was also mentioned in the announcement, optimizations are also being worked on as development progresses. Hey, the game comes as EA and gefühglt 90% expect the finished product, which is optimized and polished. I find the policy on the part of the developers honest, certainly this process was not desired from the beginning, but they say you get a finished framework on the 24th, we see how it goes and then go further. Who refuses this, the MUST not buy, can gladly wait 1-2 months and see how it goes. You are free in your decision. Buy and take "problems" in purchase, wait and beruteilt the situation. Actually quite simple..just not in our world today. Shades of gray no longer exist, only deepest black or bright white, everything else is not accepted or talked to death. Very sad...
  6. I think that's a question that not even the developers can answer at this point. It is absolutely likely that we will get a "working framework" of a game. And yes, as above all there will be bugs, because simply software is probably not 100% bug-free feasible. Depending on what is noticeable, how difficult it is to correct and how much is noticeable, only then will we get the next stages from EA. Of course, this has a certain aftertaste, because the user somehow becomes a "paying beta tester". But do we really have an idea of the complexity of the project? Some yes, many I think not. If you follow the discussions here in the forum, it's hard to please many people, graphics too bad, realism not high enough, etc. It is definitely a balancing act what the developers have in mind, let's hope that the basic framework we will get on 24.02. is already of the best possible quality. The faster we will then also get the updates....
  7. Ahhh, ok. Fine, that seem much easiers as i think. Thanks men for the fast help.
  8. Hi Nauts, a new Kerbalnaut need your help. I have done now some rescue missions, successfully. But after that, the leaved spacecraft of the rescued Kerbal is tsill in the orbit and i can see that in the map. Is this normal? When i make 10 rescue mission, will there be 10 spacecrafts in this orbit? or what can i do with that or what should i do? For your help and hints, thanks in advance.
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