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  1. From the music we've heard in the feature videos, I think pretty much everyone will be happy to hear the new score. I particularly admire the piece that plays in episode 3 at roughly 6:20. If you don't know, Howard Mostrom is the composer and audio director for KSP 2. Mostrom also composed the soundtrack for Planetary Annihilation, which contains many brilliant pieces. Give it a listen yourself if you're interested. So rest assured, I think the soundtrack for KSP 2 will be up to our satisfaction. Also, I think I will brain myself if I hear another MacLeod track
  2. I'm sure Principia will be carried over to KSP 2 shortly after it releases if just N-body physics is your concern. I believe the devs mentioned something about N-body around Rask and Rusk, so it will be present. The reason for not replacing patched conics with N-body is probably down to most players not wanting it. Its a bit of a chore keeping satellites in orbit, for example.
  3. New VAB looks beautiful. The way the shadows of the window panels fall on the rocket is exquisite.
  4. I'm excited to see how multiplayer is implemented. When I first heard it was happening, I thought it would be like a small server of <6 friends just messing around at the KSC or other colonies. Sounds fun for sure, but mostly contained and not granting full access to the entire play area of the game. Then I heard them talking about players trading resources on colonies, and it broadened my horizons. I don't agree that it will be an MMO, as I can't imagine that fitting KSP. Instead, I imagine an experience like Minecraft, where a chill group of 5-20ish people log on for an hour and make bases and cool projects, sometimes together and sometimes on their own. For example, you could try to have a massive community refueling station. Or have challenges, like the first person to fly into the sun or redirect an asteroid to hit the KSC. Servers could have rules like not leaving garbage all over the system, but that also brings in the idea of kicking/banning people and admins for servers. KSP has always been a single player experience for me and I ultimately don't need it, but it has a lot of potential for this community. For instance, I love watching the RSS/RO/RP-1 community and if some of the more prominent members got together and recorded a playthrough, people would love it. This is all just speculation, though.
  5. Yeah, you're right about that one. If there are gaps in the rings, perhaps I'll stick it in there as some sort of quasi-shepherd moon. I also didn't think about if you're in orbit alongside the debris, you will be going near the same speed instead of "surfing" on it. Having a high eccentricity would allow you to do glide on top, but only at a certain timeframe of your orbit. I believe the rocks in rings are collidable, so rings will mess you up big time if you fly into one.
  6. There are not many situations in which having faster kerbals is helpful. If your kerbal is 3 km away from the nearest base, a running speed of 2 m/s or 5 m/s are both painfully slow. If the gravity is low enough and there is no atmosphere, using the EVA jetpack can get you up to some serious speed. As amusing as seeing a kerbal waddle-sprinting would be, I think its safe to say KSP2 won't have faster kerbals. If you were to try to solve it, I would agree physwarp seems the best option.
  7. Build a space station to surf just above planet rings, or watch as a space station collides with many many rocks very fast.
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