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  1. Ah OK, here is my KSP.log file Many thanks!!
  2. Well I got the scary 'You will lose your savegames' message. This is the relevant section of KSP.log [LOG 12:02:21.727] [TweakScale] WARNING: **FATAL** Found a showstopper problem on batteryBankMini (Z-200 Rechargeable Battery Bank). [LOG 12:02:21.727] [TweakScale] ERROR: **FATAL** Part batteryBankMini (Z-200 Rechargeable Battery Bank) has a fatal problem due having duplicated properties - see issue [#34]( ). Anyone know what it means?
  3. Well, I guess you could either lock one of the other dimensions, or split the cost between them, I'd be happy with either. Personally, I find planning a Mars orbit and return mission from a single launch using RO/RSS and Principia to be so difficult in terms of carrying enough Δv, even with aerocapture, that I am keen to minimise any waste, so I will be spending 20 minutes crafting that burn to get the lowest possible PE on the target planet... It is of course possible that I'm doing it entirely wrong!
  4. Hi I have a question, please bear with me! I'm using Principia with RO/RSS. I have managed an Apollo style moon landing and return, and the mod is awesome. I particularly enjoyed how much it improves orbital rendezvous by showing you your path relative to the target! Anyway, I'm now working on interplanetary transfers and I'm struggling as I can figure out the strength of the burn and the time to execute it, but not the direction. Currently, I'm putting all of the Δv into one direction (tangent for example), then looking at the predicted PE to my target. Then I'm moving the other sliders to try and reduce the magnitude of the PE I end up increasing the velocity along the other dimensions (normal/anti-normal/binormal/anti-binormal etc) but then I find myself going back to deduct Δv from the original vector (tangent) OK, so my question is, could we have an option to select and then lock the total (Manoeuvre) Δv, then when one slider is adjusted, the others auto adjust themselves in order to maintain a fixed total Δv? It really feels like this would make my life a whole lot easier! Hope that makes sense, and big thanks for an awesome mod
  5. Hi, I hope you can help me! Basically, I have made my own high res skybox using Space Engine. I've gone 6144 x 6144px and saved it uncompressed, so each tile is 108MB This worked flawlessly in 1.3.1, but since I moved to 1.6.1 (I'm an RO/RSS user) I frequently get the following in the log file: [LOG 16:40:13.833] Load(Texture): TextureReplacer/Default/GalaxyTex_NegativeX [ERR 16:40:14.527] SetPixels32 called with invalid number of pixels in the array [LOG 16:40:15.417] Load(Texture): TextureReplacer/Default/GalaxyTex_NegativeY [LOG 16:40:16.132] Load(Texture): TextureReplacer/Default/GalaxyTex_NegativeZ [LOG 16:40:16.849] Load(Texture): TextureReplacer/Default/GalaxyTex_PositiveX [LOG 16:40:17.976] Load(Texture): TextureReplacer/Default/GalaxyTex_PositiveY [LOG 16:40:18.717] Load(Texture): TextureReplacer/Default/GalaxyTex_PositiveZ Then I have one face as a solid mid grey instead of a detailed starfield, which looks bad obviously It's not always the same one, sometimes it is multiple, sometimes they all load up no problem. So I get that it might be because they are large files, but does anyone know why this is happening and what I could do about it?
  6. Apologies if this has been asked before Is there anyway to have the RPM (IVA) Navball change in the same way as the game navball? Ideally I would like to use exclusively IVA controls and the Principia navball changes currently do not seem to affect the navball that you bring up on internal MFDs
  7. Hi I'm running KSP 1.6.1 and I've got Konstruction My problem is that the seat for the Akita rover appears not to have any crew capacity, so I can't 'launch' it with a Kerbal in. Even if I drive another Kerbal to it and try and climb in, I can't do that. I've got the USI mods, the Near Future ones, MechJeb and MoarDv's Avionics loaded Has anyone else seen this issue?
  8. @MOARdV Ohhhh wait! I got it! There are multiple cfg files. I have been editing the IVA cfg (NearFutureSpacecraft\Spaces\command-125\command-125-iva-1.cfg) but if I insert the MASFlightComputer Module into the *part* cfg (NearFutureSpacecraft\Parts\Command\command-pods\command-125-1.cfg) instead then it works! Thanks for looking
  9. Ah that is disappointing, his work is outstanding! Many thanks! The IVA config file can be found here
  10. In other news, I just tried placing the MAS_ALCOR_MFD1 and MAS_ALCOR_MFD2 plus the MAS_ASET_ALTIMETER_Adv in one of the Near Future pods and I get the following error: [AvionicsSystems]: INITIALIZATION ERROR, CHECK MESSAGE LOG And the MFDs are subsequently blank The KSP.log file contains the following errors: Obviously it says it can't find the MASFlightComputer in the cfg file, so I just tried copying and pasting the MASFlightComputer Module entry from MAS_mk1-2.cfg but that did not resolve it. I only have the following mods installed (running KSP version 1.5.1): ModuleManager 3.1.1 Near Future Spacecraft 1.0.1 ASET Props 1.5 ASET Avionics 2.1 MAS 0.90.0 Apologies if I'm doing something stupid! The full KSP.log is available is required
  11. Hi @MOARdV ! I was wondering if you know what the status of these fantastic MAS MFD updates being worked on by alexustas: KSP. MAS. Significant Redesign and Improvement of the Multi-Function Display KSP. MAS Attitude Autopilot. Test #1 I enjoy building my own IVAs and I'd love to refit some of the Near Future spacecraft using MAS and the new alexustas MFDs Just to say I love the IVA experience and I'm so grateful to you guys for putting in the time and effort!
  12. Thanks Nightside. I have tried this and made some progress. I now have the ICPS working with the correct stats Funny enough, I then tried the same thing with the SSTU Exploration Upper Stage (EUS) but something weird is happening, basically when the engines fire up, it reports the production of 440kN of force and the fuel is consumed at the expected rate, but Gforce remains at zero and AP and PE remain utterly unchanged. After a short while, the engine tends to flameout due to vapour in the feed lines. So it looks like no propulsive force is being generated at all, even though the right-click interface shows 440 kN and the fuel is being consumed Does anyone with experience with the cfg files know what stupid thing I have forgotten to do? Many thanks!
  13. Hi Wondering if anyone can help with Engine stats for SSTU! Basically, the Interim Cryogenic Propulsion Stage (ICPS), which uses an RL10B-2, hasn't updated its engine stats in game. It still has the stock stats: The Actual RL10B-2 where it appears by itself has the correct RO stats: I'm trying to track down the route by which this should work via the cfg files: GameData\SSTU\Parts\ShipCore\Series-C\SC-C-ICPS.cfg - this has the stock config for the part GameData\RealismOverhaul\RO_SuggestedMods\SSTU\SSTU_Orion.cfg - this RO cfg file covers the ICPS and links it to the RL10B-2. The text from this file appears in the description, so I know this one is being applied GameData\RealismOverhaul\Engine_Configs\RL10_Config.cfg - This has the (correct) stats for the RL10B-2 and these are obviously applied to the engine where it appears by itself, but apparently not in the ICPS Can anyone with more experience of the cfg files figure out where the issue is? Always grateful!
  14. Thanks all for your advice! I have confirmed that the tggl_ENGINE_ENABLE_T2_G3-B3-S prop *does* work if the engine is part of the current stage. I guess there is not much I can do about the chute controls in this particular capsule for the moment. Stoked about the new set of MAS props being developed by @MOARdV and @alexustas though. Can't wait for those! Cheers guys!
  15. Hi @alexustas I'm messing about with the props, I'm just placing them in the IVA for @Shadowmage's SSTU Orion Capsule, but a couple of the switches don't seem to carry out the desired function. So, the prop tggl_ENGINE_ENABLE_T2_G3-B3-S will not enable the main engine. If I switch to the external view and enable the engine, then switch back to IVA, the prop has flipped over and I can then use it to *disable* the engine, but I can't enable it again with that prop. Similarly, the prop pb_CHUTE_DEPLOY-F02-B6-C2 doesn't deploy the chute. I have to switch to the external view, right click the capsule and hit the blue GUI button to deploy the chute Is there an obvious fix for this? Many thanks! Your mods have already given me countless hours of pleasure! Edit: (Sorry just worked out the '@' tag)