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  1. Thanks! i notice his missions in mission control are different from what i got (original KSP missions but compatible with RSS planet size). His missions come with RP1 or with another standalone mod?
  2. Hi!, i'm having a difficult time trying to complete satellite positioning missions. I'm using RSS as well as Principia. These are the kind of missions where you must position spacecraft at a specific orbit around a celestial object, and i find it very hard to accomplish one specific mission objective: stay in the orbit within reasonable deviation. Since with principia the orbit doesn't stay the same all the time, it's harder to stay at specific Pe and Ap points and also inclination, but looks like no matter how close i managed to make it, the objective doesn't get green ticked. Is it possible to do it? if i try harder i will accomplish the objective, or i'm just going to waste time?
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