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  1. Im super lost and really want to get the most out of my new joystick with the help of @linuxgurugamer's mod. Any help would be appreciated.
  2. Welp maybe I broke something cause this is the only things that were found the rest were operation not permitted. Should I reinstall?
  3. There is no file in the unity folder ~/Library/Logs>Unity. Is there a way to get ksp to generate it?
  4. The in-game console says that I am missing libsdl2.-2.0.14, do I need that specific version of sdl?
  5. I put Harmony back and no change. I don't have a player.log for ksp in Unity log folder is there something I should do to generate it?
  6. AFBW will not show up in game properly all I get is this window. The only mods I have are click through blocker, toolbar, toolbar controller, ksp-recall and ksp community fixes. Here is the player.log.
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