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  1. Wait with tethers, It would be way easier to deorbit the capsule you left in orbit without fuel a long time ago, If you could drag craft with the EVA pack and tether of course.
  2. Yes! That would be nice, 5x and 9x symmetry would also be nice.
  3. I changed it to star system. Maybe we could have a configurable starting system if they made a real scale system.
  4. I think the developers should scale the kerbol system (or add a different star system that has real scales) up from it's 0.1 size. Or add a different star system that is real scale. NOT RSS.
  5. Debris shields beat micro meteors
  6. The place with a giant slab of salt next to a salty lake.
  7. Yes, but a specialized bell nozzle is better for metallic hydrogen, it is easier to cool.
  8. Nvm I think it would be a better addition if you had to do research on the planets to get and optimized engine for that planet.
  9. Yes, I am saying you start out using a basic Kerbin atmospheric engine but once you establish permanent residence on a planet you get engines optimized for its atmosphere(If it has one)
  10. With your logic I can use any atmospheric engine in the center of jool.
  11. Again, all atmospheres are different. Just because it works in one atmosphere does not mean it works in all atmospheres. For example, I cannot fly a rocket engine rated for sea level at Kerbin at sea level on Kerbol.
  12. SCAN Hatch cassette ie the floaty us kat simulator of Vall prime ()
  13. SCAN Hatch cassette is the floaty bus kat simulator of Vall prime ()
  14. "I don't need to turn on snap while putting my 2 boosters and 4 fins on my rocket."
  15. You know how hard it is to escape Eve? With a optimized engine for Eve's atmosphere it would be much easier to escape.
  16. Well what I am thinking is since they are having drop down menus in the vab the atmospheric nozzle one would have a sub category for each planet or moon with an atmosphere.
  17. That is correct, and in the opposite direction they get worse and smaller expansion ratio engines get better and the higher the pressure the smaller the optimized expansion ratio is.
  18. It really is not that simple. In thicker atmospheres you need a smaller expansion ratio, because of the pressure of the exiting gas a better optimized engine or an engine where the gas exiting is closer to the atmospheric pressure is more fuel efficient and makes more thrust because it is all going down not out or in.
  19. Not all atmospheres are created equal, adding this would increase realism.
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