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  1. Looks nice. It is always great to keep the various ideas alive. That said, we might get the MMSS (Corona Moon Mapping & Survey System) back into the documentation. I had to do some digging on that b/c I wanted to recreate it and my files about it died in a windows upgrade failure. Kerbalism begins at obsession. Let's keep it kerbaling.
  2. I can confirm similar problem and when installing dispite warning KSP giving a B9 Part Switch error stating that the exception is "No tank named Ht2_O2 exists" I get a fatal error that forces a quit. I have been digging in logs without success in locating things and resorted to pulling modules one at a time to find what contained the break. In the case of HT2 I pulled the group of habtechs together. Edit: couldn't sleep, so it looks like I identified the 'bad' entry'. Ht2>resources>B9_tankRypes.cfg. What is the suggestion on a quick fix till it gets a patch? Delete configuration and deal without having that particular function?
  3. Pretty simple.... it reenters right....or it is deadly. Ya, no idea under the hood. But, pretty sure they turn the gain up on the physics to the point that it isn't all but automatic success.
  4. Ya, that was a drawing that I had seen over the years many places. But, wishful thinking was that maybe there was a little more refinement when all the stuff was being covered on EOSS rollout.
  5. This could be an interesting area to flesh out some. But... my question is where are paper designs that they would be based off of. That is one area that I have never taken a dive into as the thing is just so freaking big.
  6. Any guidance system will need time for the gyroscopes to spin up. But, as for speed of launch, The MX aka Peacekeeper didn't need any pre-launch prep of propellant. All solids have that advantage. As for getting it out of a sub tube... It is a gas driven launch to the surface where the solid kicks in.
  7. Maybe the sarcasm in my "best" was lost.
  8. That is the best factor of release. Not knowing how the consumer will come up with novel ideas that weren't forseen. My brother teaches his 1st year CS students this.
  9. Hey, I hear you. I want my mods EA Day 1, just like the rest of us..... but; from a perspective of someone working with molders, they would need to make sure certain aspects are good before opening the mod door to make feedback less useful. The question becomes was it the mod or the game. So, let's get a little more under our belt as there are also things that could seriously scrap modder work if a significant EARLY change had to be put in. They want our mods. But let's make sure we communicate mod stuff at the right time.
  10. To borrow from another SciFi franchise: "This is the way". Seriously, I didn't want 20 hot fixes over the interim time. I want well planned, well though out, well executed sprints that are through the proper testing to avoid new major headaches. "This is the way" it is done. My $50 USD is far better spent on this type of process than the have "fix" now that many were complaining in a less than helpful way that missed any sort of constructive or actionable material. Rolf. One Kracken nethers at a time. They don't regrow quite like Hydra heads.
  11. You *DO* know that a 0.1 release means Beta??? You *DO* know that EA means Beta??? So, how many betas have you provided *GOOD* and *ACTIONABLE* feedback for?
  12. Cosmetics.... and it isn't like that hasn't happened with the Skylab metior shield. But, I knew it would be a Longshot to get...
  13. I agree. We saw phenomenal videos and knew ksp1 had really tackled a lot of things and expected based on videos and lack of warning of kraken city that it would be further developed. I think that there can be some said about both sides (players and studeo) not doing the best on meeting up in the middle. But, the bar we had set for our expectations was pretty agressive.
  14. Because hot fixes are more likely to cause new problems that people will scream about. Did you even read what Nate posted in this thread?
  15. KSP + heavy mods = MOAR RAM needed. @CobaltWolf I had floated the question a while back of a new section of the Apollo SM with a blow off panel and interior done to look like Apollow 13. Is there any chance of this?
  16. Depends on if you tell your boss "done", "fixed", "finished" without it being that way and expect to keep your job. I trust that Nate saying "Fixed" means QA has verified through sufficient iterations.
  17. I wholeheartedly agree. The $50 is just fine in my mind as proof of community backing. In many ways it is akin to kick start. I sincerely hope that the infusion gets us a 0.1.1 version out soon. I am incredibly disconcerted with just how raw this is. The press is bad, the frustrations in doing thing is horrible once you lift off.... I honestly don't even feel like this is closed beta quality yet and I hope that the studio gets some hefty communication out about the road map on thing BEFORE Science SOON! I want to play KSP2 more; but honestly, I am on the verge of putting a lot of those hours into a new run of KSP1 with Bluedog and other historical things.
  18. KSP2 is in a pretty raw state. Granted, I was not part of the original this early; but I would have expected that many of the battles would already have been addressed as the experience from KSP1 development *SHOULD* have carried *MANY* solutions forward....even if new code (from scratch) was needed to implement them. All that is to say, as soon as I get my tower back together from a MoBo age failure, it will be time for a new iteration of BDB1.
  19. Ok. As I said...dead asleep at the phone. Work is like that lately. I get home and am exhausted, try to go to sleep and get at 14th wind that makes it impossible to sleep.
  20. Just had this thought as I am about to fall asleep: when Science comes in, we need ballons.... because balloons carry science stuff, with a problem core, a transmitter and solar panels. But, they might be elint too! Yes that is right. He earned The KKRACKEN Unleashed. Or was that in another game....
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