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  1. KSP2 is in a pretty raw state. Granted, I was not part of the original this early; but I would have expected that many of the battles would already have been addressed as the experience from KSP1 development *SHOULD* have carried *MANY* solutions forward....even if new code (from scratch) was needed to implement them. All that is to say, as soon as I get my tower back together from a MoBo age failure, it will be time for a new iteration of BDB1.
  2. Ok. As I said...dead asleep at the phone. Work is like that lately. I get home and am exhausted, try to go to sleep and get at 14th wind that makes it impossible to sleep.
  3. Just had this thought as I am about to fall asleep: when Science comes in, we need ballons.... because balloons carry science stuff, with a problem core, a transmitter and solar panels. But, they might be elint too! Yes that is right. He earned The KKRACKEN Unleashed. Or was that in another game....
  4. There were a couple mods that focused on the shuttle and Bruan. One was by a guy from Russia if irc. I can look them up in the morning; but at the moment I am exhausted and just checking stuff on the phone before I fall asleep. Key word searches are a blessing. Sounds like some of the problems I had early on where it may not be assembled right. I found testing 'why'in the VAB that the hinge was connected to the whole apparatus of the rover but not to the lander even though it 'looked' right. As with everything else: craft files, logs etc go miles in the learned ones here diagnosing things.
  5. I get that. I think there are plenty out there that want to make sure that we keep poking the development in "the right direction" (a very subjective thing), and absolutely I will still be doing some with BDB1 until BDB2 hits the scene. After all, people who BDB do so because there just isn't a way to get that historical fix with KSP2....yet. That said, IMHO, what there is in KSP2, the little that it is, is as my Firefly brothers and sisters would say is SHINY. Well, one of those looks a whole lot like early concept STS....before they decided to leave Saturn stages to rust to death.... Ya, that's right Alabama....I'm talking about you and that Saturn 1B.
  6. There is no question there. I think we all are just waiting for ksp2 to put the modding info out. Given the slightly raw state of some of the stuff seen, I can understand them wanting to resolve a few mechanics before they let people mod....but man, I wish we could get BDB2 staring EA day1.
  7. Personally, I hope to get to a point that there is food, drinking water, O2, pressuization (ie Nitrogen from Kerbalism), temperature control (heating/cooling), and radiation shielding all as life support concerns. But, whether that is better done by studio or mods is a great debate. If the studio does it, I hope that it will be able to be adjusted for difficulty levels including 'no ls required'. That said, getting craft places with life support is a glorious challenge.
  8. Ya. It is. Guessing you don't know a ton about mainstream gaming market. But hey, it is your opinion. Just don't troll the thread for our benifit. Plenty of people have said a lot of solid stuff to counter your argument. If you don't like it; that is fine....just don't believe that we have to not like it just because you believe we shouldn't.
  9. 1. They want kids to play too; so they include things in a kid friendly way. STEM matters! 2. So they don't nickel and dine you with every pre-FULL_RELEASE addition. And as Scott said.... if you don't want to pay up front, you *can* wait till full release.
  10. I believe Scott Manley said that it wasn't at the ESA event at all. But you know they will be bringing them at some point. They are most likely trying to figure out what they want all the switches to do.
  11. As any developer would say: "No reentey heating is currently A FEATURE" Alright, my Beast Machine is all shiny and ready for launch; so in the words of a famous astronaut "let's light this candle!"
  12. 4. Hopefully there will be a LOT of work that can be ported back to KSP1 by anyone eager enough to join BDB team. I am sure qualified volunteers would be welcome. But, ya. Any way you Jeb thinks....ksp2 is the future
  13. Nothing wrong with solids. It is the Go Fever idiots (and I do use that flterm with utmost respect) that put launching ahead of crew safety, mission success, and the Subject Matter Experts at the manufacturer that cause problems by lighting in conditions outside the safe zone.
  14. With KSP 2 nearing: What is the chances of getting a new quadrant (not the current configurable one) done with a damaged apollo 13 bay below a blow off panel? Doesn't have to do the life support/power crash....but have the right look.
  15. Many congratulations on 1.11! You guys are amazing and we can not begin to offer enough gratitude for the amazing talents and interests that you have shared (and obviously still intend to continue to share e.g. BDB 2.infinity). Congratulations and again, thank you.
  16. Well, we will hope that things port well into KSP2 and that we can keep the project going. The work here is amazing and it would be fabulous if it works there too!
  17. Feel free to say that again for the rest of us. I think someone looked a little long at the post-shuttle triple SRB design.
  18. Indeed you haven't. If the people who made decisions had been thinking we may have had something like this for the reusable/return things to earth side of the US Space program. I for one would like to have seen a continued use of the Saturn series....and a shuttle for things like Hubble or other satellites that would warrant retrieval/repair/upgrades and that is without discussing modular stations... I'll take two! Recoilless would be the best bet. And sure, why not if you download the major armory mod.... Now, I just need someone to tell me how soon NASA can't bet Amazon to ship a set of Darts. It seems they broke their only one....
  19. Check the unofficial wiki for bluedog... Pretty sure there are examples of builds for them. Great resource there. https://github.com/friznit/Unofficial-BDB-Wiki/wiki/Satellites#probes-plus Edit: ok, looks like probes plus parts. That is a good one too!
  20. He is right about picking stuff up quick. It doesn't really matter what it is, if you have the passion to do something and spend the time on something- you can make amazing creations.
  21. Mixing space exploration musings with Firefly TV series anniversary. Thats part of the theme song from the show. Yes, an obscure referance....but hey, if we didn't geek; we wouldn't be in BDB forum.
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