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  1. Thanks! I launched the rocket yesterday and it reached its target location
  2. Should I use the mastodon engine for 2.5 m stacks or is it not worth it? I was making a 2.5 mun rocket and chose the mainsail over it. Did I make a mistake
  3. Thanks. For the boosters, Pollux or Clydesdale
  4. what diameter fuel tank should i use for an SLS replica. Using the ks25s and biggest srb. 5m weighs too much but i can barely fit the vectors on the 3.75
  5. SLS.stan


    thanks. been wondering about that for a while
  6. SLS.stan


    im new but i have been doing ksp 4 a while. btw, how do i change my deltav to count as if i was in a vacuum
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