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  1. The vibe im getting from this thread is that people are starting to become more positive about the development of the game. Regarding the Deep Space Engines, Higher ISP, but either more mass or more annoyance due to fuel type difference, or less thrust than a comparible sized engine.
  2. I missed it by 9 minutes i came on just as second stage cut off gg to ax-2 tho
  3. like a metal rock with a special hot fire rock inside which releases ann odd type of burny fire, which isnt a fire, but still burns...
  4. Most anticipated movie for me been wating ever since extiting the cinemas after watching the first one shame im away and cant see it till after christmas...
  5. If the moon triples in size, will the tides triple or increase by 3 pi...
  6. While its a shame the Ship 4 Booster 20 combination will not fly, April the 20th is arguably better. But cuboids don't like vacuums (or near vacuums). . Anyway spherical cows are funnier
  7. I've been reading a lot about fusion (School assignments and such) and was wondering whether Helion Energy has an actual legitimate fusion research or if its just "voodoo fusion" (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Helion_Energy yes yes i know its wikipedia but its good enough). My questions are 1) Is the De-He3 reaction system they are using good enough for commercial energy and why no D-T (He3 is very rare, but they breed it according to their website)? 2) Why is there skepticism about it. There science (at least to a student) is grounded in what looks like solid science. They have actually working prototypes that have been scaling better than planned, and have 10 ish years of practice/knowledge so it seems like they could actually be (maybe) the first? P.S for the love of the kraken keep this thread as fact based as possible. EDIT: If you have an opinion, be kind and respectful to fellow forum members. If someone says something you dont agree with, dont blow a fuse. Just stay calm, and have a friendly discussion. Ta
  8. Among the Giants by JT Music and Teamheadkick bit of a titanfall fan
  9. :0 At first i was like "oh theres just some water over the top, the pilot must be feeling like a boss taking off" then i saw the true nature oh my gosh that pilot must have gone through several lifetimes of hearts during that take off
  10. The new themes are amazing although ngl the colour choices are... odd but i understand why. the forums need a patch 1
  11. Small note METHANE! And yes IG take my money and run. I am getting ZERO homework done:/ Thats me
  12. Quick Question What time (not date), is KSP 2 being released. Is it in GMT or some American timezone?
  13. GTX 1000 series??? Im worried about GTX 9xx series the 960 to be precise By the looks of it, a dammed good one Also, i think the explosions are not volumetric. You where right
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