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  1. Small note METHANE! And yes IG take my money and run. I am getting ZERO homework done:/ Thats me
  2. Quick Question What time (not date), is KSP 2 being released. Is it in GMT or some American timezone?
  3. GTX 1000 series??? Im worried about GTX 9xx series the 960 to be precise By the looks of it, a dammed good one Also, i think the explosions are not volumetric. You where right
  4. Im not so sure. In KSP 1, you could launch whenever you wanted to, admittedly, there was no tower to hinder you. Maybe there might be a button or something, but it might just sit there, maybe with some fuel lines swinging away as soon as you press Z. Good idea, but probably not.
  5. Maybe. As i have said. I can't tell. Im welcome to both opinions, but both are many times better than what we had before.
  6. Yep. Most certainly Isn't the ground flat? You might be right, but from this angle, I find it hard to tell the difference.
  7. I mean they havnt but I was referring to people sorta/semi involved with the games production. I was a little ambiguous there. Ok. I didn’t know that most sequels are like in the same area as the originals wiki. I don’t lay many sequels so I have never really had reason to go look. So for ksp 2, it will be a community made wiki, in the same page as ksp? Got it. They really should try make it a little more aesthetically pleasing tho. But if it’s in the same place, there’s a chance people could get confused between the original and the sequel.
  8. there are different explosions??? still though, its an absolutely massive step up. And means a mod might be able to truely do it.
  9. That's a cool idea. That should be part a part of the game, and definitely a mod, but i was talking about more like on off-game wiki that can store much more detailed information, like the ksp-wiki. The main question is, who's making it. Us(the community) or them(The devs)?
  10. With KSP 2 coming out very soon, many players (I assume) are going to want access to all the technical data while not on the game, or for a much more in-depth review of each and very part, planet and all the juicy detail, there's going to need to be a wiki to compile the at first, normal, then much larger amount of data which will flow in from players. The question is. Has there already been a discussion about forming and creating a site. Will this be created by the KSP 2 creators or by the community? Will there be community creators willing to use there workstations, or pay the cost of hosting the site. What is the technical side to hosting a website, all the server side problems (I have done some basic front end stuff, but not to much back-end). Could the KSP/2 community do it, or will we leave it for someone else? If there has already been a thread/discussion about this, then sorry:(
  11. So sorta like a reverse Lapat/Laythe? Laypat? Got it Love the idea. Would actually make boat parts incredibly useful.
  12. We can confirm that there are volumetric explosions. @PD_Dakota recently just dropped a post on the KSP Sneakpeeks thread. And let me tell you, they look gorgeous. Ohy my. They are amazing. Waited so long to see those.
  13. Ground Scatter - Good Clouds - Yes Parts surviving the explosions. Some big balls on that rocket. Fuel tanks maybe? KSP 2 is looking so much better than one has ever (excluding mods. But no mods have made realistic explosions, i think) Love it. Next photo
  14. Nup. System Heat is what allows it to work. Its the ore of the heat system. So you have to choose. FFT or Interstellar extended (At least i think that's your problem.) I would say FFT. Easier to learn
  15. light grey/orange probably eventually color coding everything. maybe Interstellar ships being black. why. because yes
  16. No way, I just said we really needed a thread for this exact purpose. Also: I think i've seen some repeated clouds. Like the old ocean texture with squares, but with clouds.
  17. You guys are measuring in days? more like months, or entire seasons [snip]
  18. I mean screenshots would be nice but we can go from here. 1. Try clean install. 2. Check drivers maybe?? 3. Holding left-click and moving the mouse up and down is used to navigate in the SPH, as it is more horizontal than vertical.
  19. Actually, how this rocket crashed, to the best of my knowledge, was because 3 of the 6 gyros (I think), where inverted because they were put in the wrong way :0 Such a great meme. The poor Proton has always had reliability issues, unlike the actual proton, with a estimated lifespan of at least 10^30 years.
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