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  1. My Mother just got taken to hospital, after developing a rather curious rash. She had been sick with flu/cold-like symptoms for 4 days, so slightly longer than usual in my family, but when I returned from my evening run, she had a massive red/purple patch on her back. It looked like internal skin bleeding (If a such thing exists), and so my Father whisked her off to the hospital.  Nurses haven't seen anything like it, 1 doctor has a hunch that it is Thrombocytopenia. Getting a chest x-ray pretty soon, probably just to check for any mysterious growths to rule them out. It's like 10:30 at night right now, so I won't hear anything for another 8 hours. Will update if news comes through

  2. On 9/10/2023 at 4:09 PM, Nuke said:

    freedom units.

    So like ATAPTCRHESHSAMFSGATM-VT tank rounds for an M1A2 SEPv4


    That means

    Anti-tank armor piercing tandem composite rigid high explosive squash head surface to air fin-stabilized guided anti-tank missile - variable time fuze.

    These are hypothetical ok take a joke.


  3. I guess it's not much in light of recent events of this thread, but 3 days short of our 1 year anniversary, my girlfriend and I broke up. It wasn't cold or anything, and we've agreed to keep speaking (we're high school students, Y12, don't judge), but it just hurts. We never really had much time to see each other outside of school, and so it seems it was due to this and her deciding that she wasn't really ready for a relationship apparently. 

  4. On 8/24/2023 at 8:58 PM, DDE said:

    Strong contender for silliest sport ever.

    For our school camp, 7 of my mates brought these exact dino costumes for the dance night

    Imagine the faces of the teachers when 7 out of control students come running down the hallway making nosies

    It was amazing. 

    On 8/28/2023 at 2:36 PM, Wizard Kerbal said:

    It’s just like I remember.

    Well welcome back.

    And what is it that you remember?

  5. I have this graph

    y= 20 sin (t)

    t = 1/sqrt(x)

    Over time it increases the period of the graph. However, as x approaches 0, the period exponentially gets smaller, becoming a fat blob on desmos. 

    The question is, how do I move it along the x-axis so that the denser blob is in the negatives?


    Not even 5 mins, I figure it out. You shift the square root so it CAN equal a negative (something like sqrt(x)+10. Its like moving any graph...

    Cant believe I didn't think of this earlier


    Noises apparently heard by P-3 have been confirmed by the USCG. 


    The sound is almost certainly the crew. That raises the question. Why are they still alive? How are they still alive? What happened?


    OceanGate fired expert who warned about Titan safety in 2018


    Mike Wendling

    BBC News

    David LochridgeCopyright: David Lochridge
    Submarine expert David Lochridge was fired after flagging up safety issuesImage caption: Submarine expert David Lochridge was fired after flagging up safety issues

    A submarine expert who worked for OceanGate – the company that operates the missing submersible – warned of potential safety problems in 2018, according to US court documents.

    David Lochridge moved from Scotland to Washington state to work for the firm. In a BBC interview in 2017 he enthused about the mission and said it was "destined for the sea".

    But less than a year later he warned his bosses that flaws in the Titan's carbon hull might go undetected without more stringent testing, and urged the company to have an outside agency certify the vessel.

    He said his verbal warnings were ignored until he wrote a report and was called into a meeting with several officials - including OceanGate chief executive Stockton Rush, who is aboard the missing submersable.

    OceanGate responded by firing Lochridge. The company sued him for revealing confidential information, and the submarine expert countersued for unfair dismissal. The lawsuit was later settled. Through his lawyer, Lochridge declined to comment today.

    Court documents also state that Lochridge learned that the manufacturers of the Titan’s forward viewport only certified it to a depth of 1,300 metres. The Titanic wreck lies 3,800 metres below the ocean surface.


    Interesting to note the hull is made of carbon. A potential failure could be a micro-crack opening resulting in the destruction of some critical systems which stranded the ship. Also interesting is that Rush is on board a vessel he was warned was inadequately designed. Perhaps he either didn't believe him of thought firing him would get rid of the issue (cough, cough, Soviets). Either way, his life is in peril.




  7. Another excerpt from the BBC


    Submersible experts wrote to OceanGate CEO expressing concern

    The New York Times has unearthed a 2018 letter sent by submersible experts to Stockton Rush, the CEO of OceanGate.

    The authors of the letter expressed "unanimous concern" over the approach taken by OceanGate when building the Titan and warned of potential "catastrophic" issues with its design.

    They also said OceanGate was making "misleading" claims about its design exceeding established industry safety standards and urged Rush to institute a prototype testing program reviewed and witnessed by an accredited registrar.

    "It is our unanimous view that this validation process by a third-party is a critical component in the safeguards that protect all submersible occupants," the letter read.

    The NYT said a spokesperson for OceanGate declined to comment



    I agree with @tater

    This is currently the most likely scenario, I believe.





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